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Memoirs of a Fantasy Commissioner – Running The League

I believe that a Fantasy Football League is the best way to love the NFL. You may follow or be a fan of one particular team but Fantasy Football forces you into supporting other teams week to week. Not only does it mean you now support all 32 teams, but you also see much more…

Rookie Running Backs Part Deux – Five to Eight

Before writing the first part I pondered how to present this series. Did I do it part by part on who I considered RB1’s, 2’s and so forth? Thought that would be a very long read. Did I do it by division played in college? That could have been very different in article length. So…

I Streamed a Stream 2019 Review- Part 2- PAS

This is the second article of eight that I am writing regarding the results of last seasons “I Streamed a Stream” series of articles. If you haven’t been reading or following along, then do go back and read part one. This week, I am going to introduce to you PAS. When I started doing the…

Top Tier Rookie Running Backs – One to Four

With the NFL Scouting Combine (at time of writing) 13 days away I thought I’d take a look at some Rookie Running Backs coming into the NFL and what it means for Fantasy Football. As you are well aware Rush Nation, we have Writers and Staff who are more knowledgeable on college ball than I….

NFL 2020 Free Agency Preview – QB Edition

The curtain has been drawn on the 2019/20 season. The Chiefs taking the Lombardi back to Kansas City following their SuperBowl LIV victory over the San Francisco 49ers. As we know however, this is a sport that never sleeps. It’s 24/7, 365 days a year and despite the sun setting on another great season in…

I Streamed a Stream- Overall Summary

Rush Nation, I have finally entered 2020. It feels like a long time since the fantasy season has finished. However, it really has only been four weeks. There will be a more regular stream of content as we continue through the off-season. However, we just needed to get things planned with the podcast and start…

Hunter Renfrow, Draft Bargain in 2020?

With Fantasy Football over until the 2020 season kicks in, I thought I’d take a look into a player I really like for next year. This player is Hunter Renfrow, Wide Receiver for the Oakland Raiders. That’s because he ended the season well and I see him as a comparable player skill set wise to….

1 point PPR Listener league – Championship final review.

The 5 Yard Rush 1 point PPR Listener league. Championship final review. And that’s it. Christmas has come and gone and with it ends the fantasy NFL season and the first ever 5 Yard Rush 1point PPR season. Which also means we have our very first 1point PPR champion!