Listener League 1 Point PPR - Review

1 point PPR Listener league – Championship final review.

The 5 Yard Rush 1 point PPR Listener league.

Championship final review.

And that’s it. Christmas has come and gone and with it ends the fantasy NFL season and the first ever 5 Yard Rush 1point PPR season.

Which also means we have our very first 1point PPR champion!

The Final-

Congratulations to Dave (The Jazz Purists) the new champion of the 5 Yard Rush 1point PPR league. They took on the number 1 seed Dermy (Taco Corp) and it was a tight game in the end. The Jazz Purists looked dead and buried half way through the matchup but then battled his way to an inspiring comeback and took home the championship. After dominating for most of the season Taco Corp fell short at the final hurdle having to settle for 2nd.

The rest of the positional finals finished like this-

3rd place playoff-

5th seed Ethan (ETurnerFF) had the second highest score last week then smashed out the highest score this week to grab 3rd. They faced 7th seed Matt (Brady-o-GaGa) who didn’t show up, scoring the lowest score of the week. This game was a flip reverse of when they first met in week 3.

5th place playoff-

This game was the closet game of the week finishing with just less than 3 points in it. 8th seed Stocks and Murf (The 5 Yard Rush Podcast) and the 2nd seed Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy) went up against each other. This game was the third time these teams have played this season and moving to 2-1 overall was LFG who got the win.

7th place playoff-

The final game this week was between 4th seed Jacob (Team JBarner) and Tyler (Long Live ’76). JBarner got a clean sweep in the end against LL’76 after getting the final win of the season on top of their win in week 9.

The final standings-
Champion- The Jazz Purists
2nd- Taco Corp
3rd- ETurnerFF
4th- Brady-o-GaGa
5th- Lucky Fantasy Guy
6th- 5 Yard Rush
7th- JBarner
8th- Long Live ’76
9th- NorthWealdPats
10th- Sledding
11th- Pats20Chad
12th- Pitts Burk Stinkers.

What a fantastic season from all involved. Even from the start when we had shenanigans in the draft and teams booted and late adds who stepped up to the plate. A massive thank you to you all but a massive shout out to Stocks and Murf for setting up the league and for generally being legends on the pod and in the Fantasy community.

Until next season. Keep Rushing

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts

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