Championship Semi final review. 

Going into the weekend we had 4 teams hoping to make the championship final. Here’s how the Matchups ended.  
Semi-final 1- 
Number 1 seed Dermy (Taco Corp) went up against 5th seed Ethan (ETurnerFF) in the first of the semi-finals. These two teams only ever do shootouts. The first game was 197-180 and this time round the game went 200-173. Dermy made sure he had the winning record and now advances to Championship final. EturnerFF now heads to the 3rd place game.  
Semi-final 2- 
3rd seed Dave (The Jazz Purists) played 7th seed Matt (Brady-o-GaGa). Last week Brady-o-GaGa managed to take out the higher seed and had already beaten the jazz purists earlier in the season but couldn’t quite manage its all back to back as the Jazz Purists get the win and move into the championship final. Brady-o-GaGa will now face EturnerFF for 3rd.  
We now have our first champion of the league. Not quite the one that anyone was hoping for but the winner is aptly named.  
Toilet bowl final- 
Last placed Rich (Pats20Chad) went up against Pittsy (Pitts Burk Stinkers). The championship to see who finishes in last place and the toilet bowl champion. Both teams finish the season with a win each against each other as Pats20Chad decided to turn up and put up a strong finish of 170 points to make sure the Stinkers were crowned king of the toilet.  
Positional rounds- 
The 2nd seed and highest scoring team of the season Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy) went up against Tyler (Long Live ’76). After a loss last week they got back to winning ways and head into the 5th place matchup. They also go 2-0 over LL’76 for the season. LL’76 now head for the 7th place matchup.  
4th seed Jacob (Team JBarner) and Stocks and Murf
(The 5 Yard Rush Podcast) went head to head. The 5 Yard Rush boys got the series to 1-1 for the season as they pulled out a massive win getting the highest score of the week. They move into the 5th place game as JBarner head to the 7th place game.  
The final positional battle was between Jamie (NorthWealdPats) and Shaun (Team Spedding). Both teams managed to escape the toilet bowl game and played for 9th this week. NWP got the win and a clean sweep over Spedding to finish the season.  
With one game to go we move to Championship weekend. Until then, Keep rushing.  

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts