Listener League 1 Point PPR - Preview

1 point PPR Listener league – Semi final preview.

Semi final preview.

Here we go. 4 teams hoping to make the championship final have one last hurrah to make the championship super bowl.

Semi-final 1-
Number 1 seed Dermy (Taco Corp) brushed past the 5 Yard Rush boys for a semi final matchup against 5th seed Ethan (ETurnerFF). The last time these teams played each other was week 8 in a very high scoring shootout. Taco Corp managed to get the win beating ETurnerFF 197-180. The game is predicted to be a close one once again.

Semi-final 2-
3rd seed Dave (The Jazz Purists) meet the 7th seed Matt (Brady-o-GaGa). Brady-o-GaGa managed to take out 2nd seed Lucky Fantasy Guy last week and will want to carry on the trend of taking out the higher seed. They will also have high hopes to repeat the win they got in week 6 when these two teams last met.

Toilet bowl final-
Finishing in 12th place during the regular season, Rich (Pats20Chad) find themselves in the toilet bowl against an aptly named Pittsy (Pitts Burk Stinkers) both teams have struggled this season and will now decide who finishes last. These two teams met in week 11 with the Stinkers taking the win.

Positional rounds-

The 2nd seed and highest scoring team of the season Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy) fell at the first hurdle and will now go up against Tyler (Long Live ’76) for a chance to go for 5th. Week 11 saw LFG beat LL’76 in a convincing win.

4th seed Jacob (Team JBarner) will go head to head against Stocks and Murf (The 5 Yard Rush Podcast). Back in week 6 JBarner got the win so the 5 Yard Rush boys will want to get one back this week.

The final positional battle is between Jamie (NorthWealdPats) and Shaun (Team Spedding). Both teams managed to escape a toilet bowl game and get into the position battle for 9th. NWP go into the Matchup already a game up after winning in week 8.

Good luck for the semi-finals and Keep rushing.

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts

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