Listener League 1 Point PPR - Review

1 point PPR Listener league – Week 11 review

Week 11 review.

We have 7 teams still fighting for the final 4 playoff spots, we have our first team officially knocked out of contention and in the running for the toilet bowl and we have one more team securing a playoff spot.

Rich (Pats20Chad) are now officially out of the playoffs as they lost to 10th place Pittsy (Pitts Burk Stinkers). With this win The Stinkers keep themselves in the running for one of the playoff spots staying in 10th but moving on to 4-7

We had a massive game near the bottom as 9th place and 3-7 Stocks and Murf (The 5 Yard Rush Podcast) went up against 8th place and 4-6 Shaun (Team Spedding). The 5 Yard Rush boys dug deep and tallied an impressive points score to avoid being another team in the toilet bowl. These two teams swap positions for 8th and 9th and both sit at 4-7.

The final 3-7 team before this weekend was Jamie (NorthWealdPats). They had to deal with a difficult game going up against the 6-4 Matt (Brady-o-GaGa). NWP got the win and made sure they stayed in the running for a playoff spot. They stay 11th but join 3 others teams on 4-7. Brady-o-GaGa missed an opportunity to confirm a place in the playoffs and will have to wait another week to try again. They are 6th on 6-5.

At the top already in the playoffs Dermy (Taco Corp) won again to stay 1st. They beat 3rd place Dave (The Jazz Purists). Due to other results it doesn’t give Taco Corp the regular season championship but keeps them one game ahead of 2nd place. The Jazz Purists stay 3rd but go 2 games out of first on 7-4.

The winner between 4th v 5th was handed confirmation of a place in the playoffs. Before this weekend, Jacob (Team JBarner) and Ethan (ETurnerFF) were both on 6-4, 2 games off the top spot but 2 games away from being out of the playoffs. JBarner destroyed ETurnerFF and booked themselves as the 4th team in the playoffs sitting in 4th now on 7-4. ETurnerFF didn’t turn up and got the lowest score or the gameweek keeping them in 5th on 6-5.

2nd place Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy) kept the pressure on top team Taco Corp with a win over Tyler (Long Live ’76). There wasn’t anything LL’76 could do as the LFG scored this week’s highest score once again. Long live ’76 drop to 5-6 and have been sucked into the race for the bottom playoff spots as Lucky Fantasy Guy stays 2nd on 8-3.

With everything still to play for we move to week 12. Until then, Keep rushing!

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts

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