Week 12 preview. 
Here we go…2 weeks to go, 2 games to make the playoffs and keep the season alive.  
We have some massive games this week that will have some big impacts on the league.  
We start at the top for our first game this week and both teams need to win! 1st place Dermy
(Taco Corp) goes up against 8th place Stocks and Murf (The 5 Yard Rush Podcast). A win for Taco Corp moves them closer to the regular season championship and if lucky Fantasy Guy loses they would confirm it this weekend. However the 5 yard rush boys need the win to keep them in the running for the last playoff spot.  
2nd place Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy) needs to put the pressure on and keep up with Taco Corp. A loss here could mean handing the regular season championship to Taco Corp. This week they go up against 11th place Jamie (NorthWealdPats). NWP are level with 8th place which means a win here will boost their playoff chances.  
3rd place Dave (The Jazz Purists) has an outside chance to get the regular season championship but needs the top two to lose out and the Jazz Purists need to win the remaining games starting this week against Shaun (Team Spedding). Spedding are just one place out of the playoffs but equal on W-L. They need a win to keep their chances alive.  
4th place Jacob (Team JBarner) managed to confirm a playoff spot last week and they also still has an outside chance of the regular season crown. This week they go up against 10th place Pittsy (Pitts Burk Stinkers) who are 4-7 also equal with 8th. A win hear is a massive long shot and if results don’t got their way, they will find themselves officially out of the playoffs.  
5th place Ethan (ETurnerFF) can’t get the regular season crown but can claim a playoff spot with a win this week. They go up against last place Rich (Pats20Chad) who even though they are out of the playoffs they are still fighting and could have a big part to play. ETurnerFF are only 2 games above the final playoff spots so losing here could pull them into trouble. 
Finally 6th place goes head to head with 7th as Matt (Brady-o-GaGa) and Tyler (Long Live ’76) battle it out for a chance to secure a playoff spot. Brady-o-GaGa can secure the playoffs with a win however a loss for LL’76 sucks them into the 8th place battle for the final playoff place.  
Good luck guys! Until next week, Keep rushing 

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts