Week 13 review.

And that’s that! The regular season is complete and we now have a regular season champion and all 8 playoff spots are eventually secure.

Congratulations to 1st place Dermy (Taco Corp) who takes home the regular season championship and 1st seed into the championship playoffs. They capped the season off with a week 13 win over 11th place Jamie (NorthWealdPats). Taco Corp finish on 11-2 for the season only losing against the Stinkers and Spedding. NWP finish in 11th on 4-9.

The biggest game of the season was between 2nd place Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy) and Stocks and Murf (The 5 Yard Rush Podcast). A playoff spot was at stake and in the 11th hour the 5 Yard Rush boys came smashing through to bag a huge win to claim the 8th and final playoff spot. They won by a massive 0.6 points. LFG finishes the season on 9-4 and as the 2nd seed in the playoffs. 5 Yard Rush finish the season on 5-8.

Because the 5 Yard Rush boys got the win the blockbuster game between 9th Shaun (Team Spedding) and 10th Pittsy (Pitts Burk Stinkers) wasn’t a blockbuster at all. Both teams were level with the 5 Yard Rush boys and the winner would sneak the playoff spot if Stocks and Murf lost. As they didn’t the result here was just for the toilet bowl seeding’s. This was another close matchup and went down to the final game as Spedding just held on. They won by just 0.74 points and finish the season in 9th on 5-8 as the Stinkers finish 10th on 4-9.

The final matchups were just for pride and final playoff seeding’s.

3rd place Dave (The Jazz Purists) went head to head with 4th place Jacob (Team JBarner). Going into week 13 both teams were equal on 8-4. The Jazz Purists made sure they got the 3rd seed by getting the highest score of the gameweek and finish on 9-4 as JBarner finishes 4th on 8-5

5th and 6th place Ethan (ETurnerFF) and Tyler (Long Live ’76) went up against each other. LL’76 got the win but needed just 6 more points to move ahead of ETurnerFF in the standings. Both teams finish the season equal on 7-6 but ETurnerFF gets the 5th seed and LL’76 take the 6th seed.

The final game was last place Rich (Pats20Chad) going up against 7th place Matt (Brady-o-GaGa). Pats20Chad played for pride and finished the regular season with a big win. Pats20Chad finish the season in 12th on 3-10 getting wins against Brady-o-GaGa, NorthWealdPats and the 5 Yard Rush boys. Brady-o-GaGa finish in 7th on 6-7

We now move onto the playoffs. Good luck and as always Keep rushing.

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts