Listener League 1 Point PPR - Review

1 Point PPR Listener League – Week 7 Review  

Week 7 review. 
7 weeks done and dusted and we now have a full set of teams with a win!  
The battle at the bottom produced a lop sided score line and Last place and winless Rich (Pats20Chad) smashed it and got their first win of the season. They did it in some style as they got the highest score of the game week against Jamie (NorthWealdPats). NWPs pretty much waved the white flag scoring the Lowest score of the week. Pats20Chad move off the bottom of the league to 11th and swap places with NWP who are now our current 12th and last team.  
We have a new leader of the league. The big game at the top was between Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy) and Ethan (ETurnerFF). This one was slated to be a high scoring game and it didn’t disappoint. ETurnerFF now tops the league at 6-1 after a strong gameweek scoring just 1 point fewer than the highest score from Pats20Chad. LFGuy drops to 3rd on 5-2 
Pittsy (Pitts Burk Stinkers) played Stocks & Murf (The 5 Yard Rush Podcast) the end!  
After last week’s first loss of the season Dermy (Taco Corp) made sure he got back to winning ways this week as they beat Jacob (Team JBarner). This game came down to the wire and the score line was settled by just . 
0.82 points. JB stays in 7th but is now on 3-4 for the season. Taco Corp stay 2nd on 6-1  
Dave (The Jazz Purists) started the season well but two defeats in a row knocked them down the standings into 4th overall. This week they got back to winning ways having won a tough matchup against Tyler (Long Live ’76). The Jazz Purists stay 4th but got 4-2 as LL’76 are 6th on 4-3 
The final Matchup of the week was between a 4-2 Matt (Brady-o-GaGa) and a 2-4 Shaun (Team Spedding). The game finished as the records would suggest with Brady-o-GaGa getting his 5th win of the season. Spedding now lie 9th on 2-5 as Brady-o GaGa is 5th on 5-2 
I can’t get away with leaving it like that so Pittsy (Pitts Burk Stinkers) made comment to Stocks and jinxed the whole thing. Stocks & Murf (The 5 Yard Rush Podcast) destroyed the Stinkers as the predictions suggested and made sure that the Stinkers knew not to throw heat at the podcast team again. 5 Yard Rush lie in 10th and join the Stinkers on 2-5 for the season as The Stinkers sit in 8th overall.  
Until next week. Keep Rushing.  

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts

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