Week 8 preview.

Moving into the second half of the season and now things start getting real.  
This week we will get an outright leader of the pack. 1st place Ethan (ETurnerFF) and 2nd place Dermy (Taco Corp) are level on 6-1 for the season and this week go head to head. Every win is important but this win takes a team clear of the rest of the league.  
In the 2nd biggest game of the week 3rd place Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy) on 5-2 goes up against 4th place Dave (The Jazz Purists) also on 5-2. Both teams need a win hear to keep up as a loss would mean 2 games out from the regular season champions spot.  
Down at the other end of the league, 5 teams are precariously placed within a game of each other and looking to capture 8th spot and the final playoff position.  
Jamie (NorthWealdPats) found himself rock bottom after not fairing well in the battle at the bottom. This week they take on Shaun (Team Spedding) who sits in 9th on 2-5 
After getting their first win of the season last week, Rich (Pats20Chad) now goes up against the 5 Yard Rush boys who sit just above them in 10th on 2-5. Pats20Chad will want to push on now and grab a few more before the season is through. Stocks and Murf got a big win over a fellow basement dweller last week and look to assert some dominance over the struggling teams.  
After a humbling defeat against the 5 Yard Rush boys, Pittsy (Pitts Burk Stinkers) has an even tougher task to try get a win over Tyler (Long Live ’76). The Stinkers sit in the final playoff spot in 8th on 2-5 as LL’76 are 6th on 4-3 
The final Matchup is between a 5-2 Matt (Brady-o-GaGa) sitting in 5th against a 3-4 Jacob (Team JBarner) A few spots further down in 7th. Brady-o-GaGa need a win to stay in the select 5 at the top as JBarner could do with a win to keep a steady pace ahead of the pack searching for a playoff spot.  
Good luck and keep Rushing.  

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts