Week 8 review. 
Things are starting to hot up in the race for the regular season championship as one team goes out in front on their own.  
This week an outright leader of the pack was decided by the Matchup of 6-1 Ethan (ETurnerFF) and 6-1 Dermy (Taco Corp). In a very high scoring game where the 2nd highest score of the week beat the third highest score, Taco Corp got the spoils and pulls ahead now on 7-1 for the season. As ETurnerFF drops to 3rd on 6-2 
Moving up into 2nd and keeping up at the top, Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy) moves into 6-2 as they got a solid win over close rival Dave (The Jazz Purists). The Jazz Purists stay in 4th but drop to 5-3 for the season. 
Down at the other end of the league, 5 teams are now all on an equal record of 2-6. 8th place will get you into the championship playoffs and as it stands Rich (Pats20Chad) holds that spot. They find themselves on a 2 game winning streak after beating fellow 2-6 team the 5 Yard Rush boys. Stocks and Murf sit in 10th after this loss.  
Jamie (NorthWealdPats) got a big win over Shaun (Team Spedding). Both teams now have the 2-6 record but the win doesn’t move NWPs and they stay in 12th as team Spedding sit just ahead in 11th.  
It didn’t matter who Tyler (Long Live ’76) went up against this week, there was no stopping them as they smashed past 200 points for this week’s highest score. Unfortunately for Pittsy (Pitts Burk Stinkers they had the task of taking the L. The Stinkers drop out of 8th down one to 9th as they go 2-6 whilst LL’76 move up to 5th on 5-3. 
The final Matchup was between Matt (Brady-o-GaGa) against Jacob (Team JBarner). JBarner gave themselves a huge playoff boost with a win which takes them to .500 for the season on 4-4. They sit in 7th but with a nice 2 game cushion. Brady-o-GaGa sit just ahead in 6th on 5-3.  
Until week 9, keep Rushing.  

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts