Week 9 preview

We have 5 games left of the regular season and there are two major battles going on. The top 6 are split by only 2 games as the 7-1 Taco Corp lead the way whilst the bottom 5 teams all on 2-6 battle it out for 8th and the final championship playoff spot.  
Leader of the pack Dermy (Taco Corp) on 7-1 for the season, just needs one more win to completely secure a playoff spot. This week they face Rich (Pats20Chad) one of the 2-6 teams. For now Pats20Chad sit in the elusive 8th spot and final playoff position.  
Another team fighting for that 8th spot is 2-6 Shaun (Team Spedding). This week they have a tough Matchup going up against the highest scoring team of the league, Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy). LFG sit in 2nd on 6-2.  
The next 2-6 team fighting for that 8th spot is Stocks and Murf (the 5 yard rush podcast). They go up against 3rd place and 6-2 Ethan (ETurnerFF).  
Dave (The Jazz Purists) moved on to 5-3 for the season last week and look to stay 4th or better as they face bottom of the league Jamie (NorthWealdPats) who is also on 2-6. 
The 5th team in the running for the final playoff spot is Pittsy (Pitts Burk Stinkers). They have had a very tough schedule and have had the most points scored against them. This week looks no different as they take on Matt (Brady-o-GaGa) who currently sits in 6th overall on 5-3.  
 L. Tyler (Long Live ’76) on a 5-3 record, plays in our final Matchup against Jacob (Team JBarner). LL ’76 sit in 5th place with a 3 game cushion over the crazy shenanigans happening for 8th, whilst JBarner sits .500 for the season in 7th on 4-4.  
Good luck, keep Rushing.  

-Pitsy @AngryBoxPitts