10 Round Devy Mock Draft

10 Round Devy Mock Draft


Over the last week I took part in a 10 round Devy mock draft over at Campus2Canton. I treated the draft like it was a super flex league. As a result, this gave me a plan of how I went about each pick. It was a 12-team linear draft, with me grabbing the 1.09 pick. So, let’s dive in and have a look at my picks. 

1.09 – Caleb Williams, QB, USC

If I’m in a SF league and my number 2 ranked QB is still there at 1.09, I’m snagging him.

Caleb Williams threw for 1,912 yards and 21 touchdowns, starting just 7 games and appearing in 4 others. On the ground, Williams is a threat also, with 442 rushing yards and 6 scores. All this in his true freshman season. In the off-season, Williams transferred from Oklahoma to USC, following his coach Lincoln Riley. With two more seasons left before he can declare for the draft, I expect his stock to shoot up further. Even this early, you see Williams has the talent to be a great QB at the next level. Especially as a massive fantasy upside player. He has the rushing ability to extend plays. However, that is always a second option as he is a natural passer of the ball.


2.09 – Marvin Harrison Jr, WR, Ohio State

With 1 pick left before I was up, there were 2 players I was debating on. However, Jordan Addison went which left me with an easy decision. Ohio State receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. Yes, son of the great Indianapolis Colts receiver Marvin Harrison. If Harrison Jr. can be half as good as his father, he will be a decent player.

We didn’t get to see much of the true freshman during the regular season. However, with Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave heading to the NFL, Harrison Jr got a higher snap count in the Rose Bowl. Against Utah, he grabbed 6 receptions for 71 yards and 3 touchdowns. He showcased smooth route running and separation skills in that game. Expect to see more of Harrison Jr this coming season.

3.09 – Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

Anthony Richardson is one of a handful of players I’m aggressively targeting in start-ups. Although another top Ohio State receiver in Emeka Egbuka was still on the board, I went Richardson. I anticipated him to be gone by my round 4 pick, so needed to pick him up now. However, it might be early for some, but I do think Richardson is being slept on. The path is clearer for him to be the main guy at Florida this season. Therefore, I expect to see him flourish under new coach Billy Napier and in a better environment to 2021. Richardson can improve in the passing game, but he’s a natural rusher of the ball.


Fantasy upside galore.

4.09 – Devin Brown, QB, Ohio State

Yes, another quarterback selection, this time from the 2022 recruitment class. Devin Brown is my QB2 from the incoming freshman class. However, my number 1 is a guy I’m higher on than others, so I have a good chance of getting him later.

Brown, on the other hand is popular among Devy players and rightfully so. His high school tape is impressive. Firstly, he has a powerful arm, but also has excellent touch when passing. Secondly, he has rushing upside and already plays with a good football IQ. It’s very unlikely we will see Brown on the field this season, except in potential mop up duty. A guy I want on my Devy squads at the right price.

5.09 – Jalen McMillan, WR, Washington

6.09 – Gavin Sawchuk, RB, Oklahoma

7.09 – Tavion Thomas, RB, Utah

8.09 – Jacob Cowing, WR, Arizona

My next four picks are all the best players available from my rankings, minus my QB1 from the freshman. Jalen McMillan has the potential to be a solid wide receiver at the next level. Washington had a horrid season on offense in 2021, mainly quarterback and play calling. However, I like McMillan and expect a more productive season under a new regime. He can create separation and finds soft spots well.

Gavin Sawchuk is an incoming freshman running back, ranked 7 at his position by 247sports. Pop on his tape and you see a lot of one cut and gone highlights. However, dive deeper and you will see more to his game. Sawchuk loves contact and has excellent contact balance. Would like him to get up towards the 200lb mark. The 2023 season is likely when we will see more of him on the field.

My 7.09 Devy pick is a player I have been talking about over the last season. With watching a lot of west coast football, I have seen Tavion Thomas at Utah more than most. He has the size I’m looking for in a running back. Also, he has good vision and takes contact well. He finished the 2021 season with 1,108 yards and 21 touchdowns. I think this guy will be a big climber entering the 2023 draft. Only downside is he hasn’t shown anything in the receiving game.

Jacob Cowing is making the jump from the group of 5 to the power 5 this coming season. Cowing had 1,354 yards from just 69 receptions, averaging 19.6 yards per reception in a UTEP offense. Cowing transferred to Arizona, hoping to do the same in the Pac-12. He has qualities I like in a receiver. However, he will need to do it against better opposition.

9.09 – Connor Weigman, QB, Texas A&M

10.09 – Corey Kiner, RB, LSU

 Yes, my QB1 from the incoming freshman class at the 9.09 pick. Is it a Devy miracle?

Either that or I’m probably just too high on him. Although I’m high, I think there are more polished Quarterbacks entering college this season. However, I think Weigman has the highest upside. The arm talent he possesses is quality. On the run, across his body, he has all the throws. However, consistency is one of the areas he needs to work on. With Haynes King and Max Johnson on the roster, it appears we won’t see him until 2023. Looking forward to seeing him on the field in the future.

This is a late shot at 4-star 2021 recruit Corey Kiner, hoping he comes on as a sophomore. In his true freshman season, Kiner had 324 yards from 79 carries.The LSU offensive line wasn’t great, and it will need to take a big step to help the running game. However, Kiner is a good- sized back who makes things happen when plays look dead. Worth a late round chance for me.


Most people will be happy with their Devy drafts. However, the truth is we won’t initially know until the players leave for the NFL. Although, I’d be happy with this Devy draft.

Grabbing 4 QBs, all highly ranked prospects is not a bad haul. If at least one of them becomes QB1 material in the NFL, I’d be happy. We know how hard it is to hit on rookie QBs in fantasy. My favorite pick outside the quarterbacks was Jalen McMillan in the 5th round. McMillan is a talent but has been in a bad situation in Washington.

Although Anthony Richardson is a talent, I could look back and think I should have picked Egbuka from Ohio State. Choosing the Florida QB over the number 1 WR in the 2021 class, risky.  In Devy, you have to trust how you see things, no matter what other players say.

Finally, don’t be worried about changing up your tactics or move away from following your rankings. I went and picked up Devin Brown earlier than my rankings would suggest I take him. This was because I knew the guys in this draft were higher on him than me. I knew there was a good chance it wouldn’t affect what I was going to do in later rounds.

Jord – @5yarddevy

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