2021 Free Agent Wide Receivers Part 1

In the next of our series looking at the 2021 Free Agents, today we are going to focus on the 2021 Free Agent Wide Receivers position. This is a truly fascinating class and arguably the best free agency class for the past five years with several truly elite players at the position. Whether they all make true free agency or are franchised tagged in the next two months could change things but at the minute they could all be available.


Allen Robinson, Chicago Bears

Age: 27

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent


Allen Robinson is an absolute stud and he is quite rightly the cream of the crop of 2021 free agent Wide Receivers. When you then consider the list of Quarterbacks he has caught passes from in the NFL; Blake Bortles, Mitchell Trubisky, Nick Foles,  Chase Daniel, Chad Henne and Bryan Walters. His production is even more eyebrow-raising! Coming off back to back top 12 Wide Receiver seasons Robinson now has the opportunity to pick his landing spot and find an elite QB with which to pair to.

Chicago’s Cap Situation

Realistically it is tough to imagine Robinson returning to Chicago. They’re projected to be $10m over the cap without a starting QB. Even if they can save some money cutting the likes of Jimmy Graham, it probably won’t be enough to temp Robinson back.

Landing spots if he leaves

So if Robinson does leave he could realistically end up anywhere. He would be desired by all 31 franchises. If money is the big driver, the Jets, Dolphins, Colts and Pats have the most cap space and a need at the position. If he is wanting to find the best fit he could end up waiting to see where Deshaun Watson lands and go and play there.


Despite heading into his eighth NFL season Robinson is still only 27 and has a few years of production left. He is perennially underrated and currently has a price of around a mid 1st round pick. At that point in the draft, you have around a 50% chance of picking a rookie that will produce a Wide Receiver 1 season. Well, I’m fairly confident you’re going to get a minimum of one Wide Receiver 1 season from Allen Robinson. So it seems like a fantastic price to go and buy now. Thats if you’re in a position to contend in 2021.


Kenny Golladay, Detroit Lions

Age: 27

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Kenny Golladay’s injury troubles this year has clouded just how good he is. He finished 2018 as a top 24 receiver and was a top 12 receiver in 2019. As a prototypical big-bodied x receiver Golladay is going to be one of the most sought after 2021 Free Agent Wide Receivers and has the chance to produce as a top receiver for at least another few years. The knock-on Golladay is age. Despite coming to the end of his fourth season in the league he is already 27 compared to the 24-year-old Smith-Schuster who is at the same point in their careers.

Will Detroit re-sign him?

I felt confident that Golladay would stay in Detroit as of three weeks ago. However, once it was announced that Stafford would be on the move that confidence disappeared. If the Lions are going to be approaching this rebuild as a two to three-year plan. Paying top of the market prices for a 27-year-old receiver isn’t going to work.

Potential landing spots

It really depends what Golladay is looking for as to a potential landing spot. If he is looking for his one big payday. The Jets or the Patriots make sense as a team with copious amounts of cap space. If he is looking for a win-now contender with a spot for him could he take a one year deal to play for the Chiefs or the Bills? Or perhaps if he is looking to combine a payday with a contender the ideal landing spot could be the colts who have a need for a stud receiver as Hilton is ageing and Pittman and Campbell appear more complimentary options.


With a current cost of around a late first Golladay could be potentially had for even cheaper in some leagues given his injury-riddled 2020 season and some owners propensity for short term thinking. This buy will be very much landing spot dependent if he solidifies a role where he can see 120+ quality targets a season Golladay will easily pay back his current price. If he lands on a questionable situation he may struggle to recoup the value. From a selling perspective if I can get anything higher than the 1.06 in this year’s draft in an SF league then I’m pulling the trigger.


Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Age: 25

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Chris Godwin had one of the most extraordinary breakout years in 2019 as part of an exciting Tampa offence led by Jameis Winston. With Tom Brady coming to town in 2020 and additional receiving weapons in Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski combined with a couple of niggly injuries Godwin underperformed his price as a top-five dynasty receiver this offseason. Despite the challenges, Godwin still produced in flashes with seven top 24 Wide Receiver weeks. Now approaching the offseason as a free agent is he going to remain a buccaneer?

To tag or not to tag?

That is the question in Tampa Bay. With Tom Brady likely to be back for the 2021 season the Bucs are very much in win-now mode. It seems unlikely they’re going to allow Godwin to walk out of the door. Projected to have around $25m in cap space and the Wide Receiver franchise tag number projected to be around $16m it would hamstring the Bucs slightly to tag Godwin especially with Shaq Barret and Lavonte David also as free agents. That being said I find it hard to project Godwin being anywhere else but back with the Bucs. One of the main reasons Tom Brady signed with the Bucs was the quality of weapons available and I can’t imagine he would be happy should Godwin walk out of the door. Whether It’s by Franchise Tag or a long term contract I foresee Godwin remaining in Tampa


With the question marks surrounding Godwin’s potential free agency, it has created somewhat of a buying window. Godwin can be got for a mid to high 1st round pick. In an SF league outside of the top QBs and Ja’Marr Chase, I’m easily taking Godwin. So if I can buy him for anything less than the 1.04/1.05 I’m easily making that move. With an off-season of workouts with Brady, Godwin could be an absolute monster next season.


Juju Smith-Schuster, Pittsburgh Steelers

Age: 24

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

After dropping a Wide Receiver 2 season as a 20-year-old rookie and a Wide Receiver 1 season in his age 21 sophomore season Juju was being valued as the overall Wide Receiver 1 in some dynasty circles. Sadly after Antonio Brown left he hasn’t quite repaid that cost although he did finish 2020 as the Wide Receiver 16.

Will he remain a Steeler?

Heading into free agency it is hard to see Juju remaining a Steeler. The Steelers are currently projected to be almost $30m over the cap for 2021 and with a ready-made receiving core in Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool and James Washington. It is looking like Juju may find himself in a new home as he a 2021 Free Agent Wide Receiver.

Potential landing spots

Like the other free-agent receivers, Juju is going to have lots of suitors when free agency swings around. However, Juju is more like Chris Godwin than Allen Robinson or Golladay as he does his best work out of the slot. The ideal landing spot would be a target heavy role where there is already established outside receivers. Miami immediately springs to mind but also potentially the jets if they choose to move on from Jamison Crowder.

Current Price

Juju’s current price is similar to Kenny Golladay in that he is probably around a mid to late 1st. Personally, I’m not willing to buy him for anything less than around the 1.08-1.09. If someone is willing to part with a top-six pick in a Superflex league I’m happy selling. Juju is the type of player who is quite landing spot dependant. Wherever he lands his price will likely rise. So if you’re looking for a short term win you could always buy now. Then look to sell again come April after he has signed in Free Agency and before the draft.


The @5YardDynasty team will be releasing other positional breakdowns on a weekly basis to cover the four main fantasy positions. Next week will be the second in the series covering the 2021 Free Agent Wide Receivers.


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