2021 NFL Free Agent Wide Receivers Part 2

In the next of our series looking at the 2021 NFL Free Agent Wider Receivers, today we are going to focus on the lesser-known Wide Receivers that could be steals in Free Agency. As discussed last week the top of the class is absolutely loaded but there are significant levels of depth that could still have an impact on your Dynasty rosters.

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Corey Davis, Tennessee Titans

Age: 26

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Corey Davis is such an interesting player. He was a top five draft pick back in the 2017 draft and has flashed fantasy relevance in 2018 and again this last season. Despite having incredible draft capital Davis has never truly been utilised to his fullest extent in what is a run-first offence and has only eclipsed 100 targets once. As a 2021 free agent, I am very intrigued by Davis and what he could be if he ends up in the right situation.

Will the Titans retain him?

There is a scenario in which Davis remains in Tennesse. Despite them currently projected to be just over $1m under the cap in 2021. They have a few obvious moves they can make including releasing Adam Humphries to free up some cap space. Davis’ is likely to command a contract in the 10-12m per year range. This means the Titans could retain him but with AJ Brown due an extension in 2022 they may not want to pay two Wide Receivers above market rate.

Potential landing spots

Davis has excelled as a number two option in the Titans passing game this year. If he can find a higher volume number two role he could excel. I have dreams about him landing in Green Bay but with their approach to free agency I’m not sure how realistic that is. It could well end up being a suitor that misses out on the top names and settles for Davis.

Cost and Situation

Corey Davis was one of my biggest buy candidates this time last year as you could essentially get him for free. His current price is around a mid to early 2nd. The early 2nd is a little bit rich for me and I’d feel uneasy paying that to acquire him given the uncertainty around landing spot and the depth of this class. If I can but him for a mid-late 2nd I’m very happy taking that risk.


Will Fuller, Houston Texans

Age: 26

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Will Fuller may be the biggest tease in fantasy football. He has been an absolute stud when he has been on the field and healthy as highlighted by his Wide Receiver eight finish this year in points per game. However, him being on the field has been far too inconsistent. Through his five seasons in the NFL Fuller has missed; 2, 6, 9, 5 and 5 games. So heading into Free Agency the big Question is can he remain on the field? If he can he will be the steal of the 2021 NFL Free Agent Wide Receivers.

Landing spots

With Houston currently in complete chaos, it seems unlikely that Fuller will resign in Houston. Particularly if Watson is traded as per his request. If you can guarantee Fuller will play 16 games fully healthy he would be approaching a $20m per year contract as one of the most sought after options on the market. He could end up being an absolute steal but it is certainly a risk the team acquiring him would take. With some rumoured interest around the trade deadline, Green Bay would be an incredible landing spot. I am very excited to see where Fuller lands but also what sort of contract a team is willing to pay.


Will Fuller’s cost is absolutely all over the place. If you’re a believer in the talent and believe he can stay fit then a first is comfortably the going rate. If you think he’s unreliable and not worth the roster spot his price is probably around a mid 2nd. Personally, he is the exact type of player I don’t like rostering so I can recommend him as a buy. However, if you want to increase your risk profile he is a fantastic candidate that could be a steal if he can put it all together.


Curtis Samuel, Carolina Panthers

Age: 24

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Curtis Samuel seems to be both overhyped and undervalued. For this reason could be one of the most intriguing 2021 NFL Free Agent Wide Receivers. He is criminally undervalued given the fact he was the Wide Receiver 12 from weeks seven onwards last season and has shown an ability to be both an elite downfield threat but also a moveable chess piece who can thrive in the short to intermediate attack.

Will he stay in Carolina?

Samuel is a tough player to project. He is the type of player Carolina would like to keep and would help solidify an already strong receiving room. However, with Robby Anderson already being paid and DJ Moore due next season the panthers may decide to let Samuel walk in order to build a more rounded roster. That being said Anderson’s contract is up after 2021. So they could end up only ever paying two of the receivers at the same time.

Landing Spots

Samuel is probably more landing spot dependant than most other 2021 NFL Free Agent Wide Receivers. He is an electric weapon but will need to be schemed up in order to get the maximum use out of him. If a team is paying him to be their true number one receiver it may end in disaster. However, if he can be a 2nd or 3rd option he could be a gem.


As I mentioned earlier Samuel is difficult to project a true cost as a Samuel believer will be so much higher than consensus on him. On paper, his cost should be around a mid-second and I think he could represent great value at that cost as a 24-year-old receiver with a proven track record. It’s just a question of does the Samuel owner believe in him more than you do?


The final part of our 2021 NFL Free Agency preview will be out next week focusing on the Running Back Position. Make sure you’re back next week to see who is approaching Free Agency and what that could do to their value.

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