The 5 Yard Rush 1 Point PPR Listener League

Week 2 Preview

With week 1 past us week 2 gives us 6 teams looking to stay unbeaten to start the season as 6 teams hope for their first W.

The schedule has given us some interesting match ups for week 2 as four 1-0 teams go head to head whilst top of the league goes up against bottom of the league.

Week 2 Matchups

Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy) who started the season with the highest week 1 total has a favourable matchup for week 2 as they go up against Stocks & Murf (The 5 Yard Rush Podcast). The 5 Yard Rush Boys look to forget about the lowest week 1 total and hope to get their first W.

Lucky Fantasy Guy is predicted to win. The first 1-0 battle is between Dave (The Jazz Purists) and Jacob. (Team JBarner) both teams had good scores to start the season but now go head to head to try stay unbeaten. Jazz Purists have the prediction to win.

The second 1-0 battle is Ethan (ETurnerFF) going up against Tyler (Long Live ’76). In week 1 both teams scored 150 points and had 141 points scored against them so sit right next to each other in the standings. ETurnerFF is predicted to go 2-0.

4 winless teams get the chance to get off the mark in week 2.

0-1 Pittsy (Pitts Berk Stinkers) goes up against 0-1 Shaun (Team Spedding) in one match up

0-1 Rich (Pats20Chad) goes head to head with 0-1 Matt (Brady-o-GaGa) Pats 20 Chad and Spedding are both predicted to get their first wins of the season.

The last match up is 1-0 Dermy (Taco Corp) V 0-1 Jamie (NorthWealdPats). This is an Interesting match up. Taco Corp got their win against the lowest scoring team in week 1. Whilst NorthWealdPats got their loss against the Highest scoring team in week 1. NorthWealdPats are predicted to get their first win of the season.

Until next week.

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts