Week 2 review.

4 teams move to 2-0 as 4 teams drop to 0-2.

The Hot Streak continues for Lucky Fantasy Guy as they have back to back highest scores to keep them top of the league. They took on the 5 Yard Rush Boys who last week bottomed out with the lowest score. This week they would have beaten every other team in the league with the second highest score yet still move to 0-2. They do climb the table to 11th though.

In The first 1-0 battle, Dave (The Jazz Purists) went up against Jacob (Team JBarner). Jazz Purists were predicted to win and ended up with the 3rd highest score of the game week. This takes them 2nd overall on 2-0 as JBarner drop to 7th on 1-1.

The second 1-0 battle was Ethan (ETurnerFF) going up against Tyler (Long Live ’76). Both teams were evenly matched going into the game week having scored the exactly the same points in week one. ETurnerFF came out on top this time moving to 3rd overall on 2-0 as Long Live ’76 drop to 8th at 1-1.

We had 4 winless teams that had the chance to get off the mark in week 2.

Pittsy (Pitts Berk Stinkers) went up against Shaun (Team Spedding) Spedding needed a Monday night comeback to get their first win and move them up to 5th. The Stinkers are living up to their name as they go 0-2 for the season and lie in 10th overall.

The other winless teams going head to head were Rich (Pats20Chad) and Matt (Brady-o-GaGa). After being predicted to win, Pats20Chad finished with the second lowest score handing the win to Brady-o-GaGa sending them to 6th overall at 1-1. Pats20Chad drop to 0-2 and lie at the bottom of the league.

The last match up was 1-0 Dermy (Taco Corp) against 0-1 Jamie (NorthWealdPats). This Matchup finished with just 12 points in it as Taco Corp squeezed past NorthWealdPats. The Win keeps the unbeaten run going for Taco Corp 2-0, moving them up to 4th as NorthWealdPats drop to 0-2 for the season and down to 9th overall.

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts