Right Rush Nation, let’s get real for a minute, lets get lockdown. This week see 6 teams on bye. Bye-pocalypse has truly struck. With studs like Courtland Sutton, Julian Edleman, Nuke, Terry McLaurin and D.J. Chark gracing your benches, it could be WR2’s you look to play this week.

Last week I slimmed down my selections by one. I wanted to give a deep dive into why the players I suggested should be sat. The three wideouts I suggested, all scored below what they were projected.


Golden Tate – Projected 9.8 Actual 8.6
Marquise Brown – Projected 8.5 Actual 6.3
Terry McLaurin – Projected 6.8 Actual 5.9

With last week seeing four teams on bye the difference in a few points here or there could have seen you over the line. Or perhaps seen you squeak agonisingly close to the line but fall short.

McLaurin has been poor recently and has the, stuck in the mud Redskins to thank for that. After his hot start this season he has cooled off faster than a cuppa out in the frosty British winters mornings. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. He went for 39 yards off four receptions against the bills.

Brown was very quiet in the Ravens very impressive win over the Patriots in week nine. After missing two weeks to injury and a third week to a bye week. Brown returned with just three catches for 48 yards. The Ravens offence as a whole was slowed by the stout Patriots D. The Ravens defence got the job done and Lamar Jackson did the rest needed with his legs. Brown is also questionable again this weekend with an ankle injury. He once again maybe a shakey play in your WR slot.

Tate was limited to six receptions for 42 yards. He did catch all six of his targets however and bolstered his stats with a 16-yard rush. The Giants Rookie first-round pick Daniel Jones has struggled so far this season since taking the job from Eli. However, Tate could be a good play this weekend against the Jets with the rest of the top targets in New York missing for the giants.

This week’s selections. Hold on to your hats Rush Nation.

Marvin Jones Vs The Bears.

Marvin Jones has had a resurgence of late since Kerryon went down. Matty Stafford has been slinging the rock. Between Kenny Golladay and Jones, the pair of wideouts have been on a hot streak.

Week seven against the Vikings saw Jones score 38.3 Fantasy Points. The week he was meant to struggle against a ferocious Vikings D, he went off. Full ham. With Rhodes shadowing Kenny G and also not being his usual shut down self, meant Jones could have a day.

He then went supersonic again against the Oakland Raiders. Jones then scored 22.6, this time against a porous secondary. He is the perfect compliment to the future franchise, stud receiver, Golladay.

This week however he has a matchup against the Bears. Whilst the bears aren’t the same defence that they were last year under Vic Fangio. They are still a formidable foe for wideouts.

They are currently allowing just 15.2 Fantasy Points Per Game to opposing wideouts. Whilst most teams have a lockdown Cornerback to shadow the best receiver, the whole Bears Secondary is elite as a unit. The Defensive Backs are great, the Safeties are frighteningly effective and even the Line Backers get involved in stopping wideouts. No lockdown needed.

I expect a down week for not only Golladay but also Jones. The Bears can be run on. However, the Lions don’t have an effective Running Back. Sure Stafford will sling it about but I expect this to be a lower scoring affair than the men in the desert are saying. Fade Jones after a big week last time out.

OBJ Vs The Bills

I can’t believe I’m doing this to you Rush Nation. It just doesn’t seem right. A perennial talent at the Wide Receiver position and a Quarterback who last season was touted as the saviour in Cleveland. Oh my, how things have changed. Baker Mayfield has struggled hugely this season and this has directly impacted OBJ.

Freddie Kitchens may be the problem. It could also be the team as a whole and the atmosphere in the building. Either way, things have not, as of yet panned out the way many, including myself, saw them doing. Mayfield’s accuracy was meant to be the elixir to OBJ’s talented hands and exceptional route running and separation abilities.

In his last 5 games OBJ has scored the following FPPG;

  • 10.7
  • 7.7
  • 13.3
  • 3
  • 3

This just isn’t the Odell Beckham we have all come to know and love. It certainly isn’t the OBJ the Browns thought they were getting.

With all that being said. His matchup this week is brutal. He will see shadow lockdown Cornerback Tre’davious White. Up until this point in the season, the Bills have only allowed two receiving touchdowns to opposing Receivers. They are also only allowing 14.3 FPPG to wideouts. With Baker seeing Darnold like ghosts and OBJ closing around, it’s a sit him for me. The draft equity you spent on him has been blown out the window. You’re now playing him as a week to week option. This isn’t one of those weeks.

D.K Metcalf Vs The 49ers

Draft darling and freak of nature Metcalf has certainly lived up to the hype. Sure he has the turning circle of HMS Belfast (it’s permanently anchored in the Thames). Yes, he can’t run between the cones. Let’s be honest, he doesn’t need to. He’s a beast. A red zone monster and a big-play guy.

Tyler Locket has been the epitome of consistency. He catches pretty much everything as he did last year. He blasts off big plays and has a mind-meld with Russel Wilson that is resulting in big fantasy days.

Metcalf has been on the rise. 14.8 fantasy points against Atlanta and then 24 fantasy points against Tampa Bay. These defences are straight-up terrible against Wide Receivers. D.K exploited good matchups. The 9ers are not a good matchup. Not in the slightest.

San Fran is a Receivers nightmare matchup. Their defensive front seven are destroying opposing offensive lines. Rookie and Defensive Rookie of the year candidate Nick Bosa is really showing off as a sack monster.

They aren’t giving opposing Quarterbacks any time to get set in the pocket and make throws. Couple this with the fact the Seahawks O-line is dreadful means Wilson will be scrambling for his life. He is terrific at this however but when he gets on his bike it’s Lockett he looks for. Not Metcalf. So far this season anyway. The 49ers are the only undefeated team left this year and I don’t see the Hawks changing this. If you own both Hawks receivers, then start Lockett. If you only have D.K, I suggest sitting unless you have another option.

Good luck this week of horror byes. See you on the other side. Let’s get to the playoffs

Until next week, Keep Rushing

-Stocks @5yardrush