lock it down- Week Ten WR/CB matchups


Rush nation we’re back at it once again. Let’s get into Lockdown. Sounds like a game show doesn’t it! Well, I guess it is, in some respects. I pick players and then you decide to play or sit. Higher or lower I hear you say. 

Well, that is exactly what happened last week. One of my selections went higher, one went lower and one didn’t even play. That’s a win for me I think.

Surely I can’t claim Alshon Jeffrey as a win? Well, I am. If, in a world where this is the only article you read and you followed my advice to sit him. You did so and then didn’t see any other news and the fact he wasn’t playing, you’re welcome. A win for me. Pow! 

Ok, so that was a bit of a cheeky take. Jeffery doesn’t count. Let’s see how the other two got on. 

Lockdown Results

Keenan Allen was much better against the Chiefs than I thought he would be. He finally broke his 8 game touchdown drought and also had 71 yards. His most since week 3. The Chargers should have run the ball down the leagues worst run defence’s throat. However, they didn’t and Allen benefited from the amount of times Rivers dropped back. The field also helped no doubt as it was churning up all over the shop. 

Kirk went realistic two weeks ago and to see him repeat against a good 9ers defence would have been optimistic. Kirk caught six of his nine targets for just 41 yards. His 10.2 Fantasy points were significantly better however than the last time he faced the 49ers. Kirk is on pace for a 1000 yard season on a 16 game pace. He should be started without hesitancy going forward. 

Week 12’s Lockdowns

John Brown Vs The Broncos

Chris Harris, that is all!

That should be all you need to know, but it isn’t. You deserve more Rush Nation and I’m going to give it to you. Undrafted Harris has turned himself from one of the forgotten men in his draft class into one of the top Lockdown Cornerbacks in the NFL. 

He currently gives away just 8.4 FPPG (Fantasy Points Per Game). He is also currently the second least targeted Cornerback in the League. Whilst this would be a horrendous stat for wideouts, it’s heavenly for Defensive Backs. People are trying to actively not target their receivers when Harris is lined up opposite them. Move your receivers around the field then surely? Nope, Chris Harris Jr is what they call a shadow Cornerback. He will follow John Brown like a hawk. The last point on Harris is that he has allowed just two receiving touchdowns this season. 

John Brown has secured his position as the Alpha Wide Receiver in Buffalo. He seems to have found a rapport with Bills Quarterback Josh Allen. Brown is a burner and Allen has a cannon arm. However, Allen is wildly inaccurate on the deep ball and Harris has the skills to stay with Brown and pick balls off. 

Brown is currently averaging 16.2 FPPG but going up against Harris will be tough for him. Denver is currently giving up five less Fantasy points to the Receivers they face on the average they are scoring weekly. If you minus that from Browns 16.2 he is staring down the barrel of 11 Fantasy points. If he doesn’t get into the Endzone then it could easily be five points instead of 11. 

Amari Cooper Vs The Patriots 

As much as it pains me to suggest sitting one of the best receivers in the game, I’m going to. 

Cooper is currently the number four Wide Receiver in Fantasy points in 0.5 PPR leagues. He is averaging 18.7 FPPG. This new Kellen Moore offence is working wonders for the Dallas passing game. Cooper has finally found a scheme that suits him. Finally his value as the 4th overall draft pick in 2015 is paying dividends, even if it is for another team. Freed of the Raiders and Derick Carr’s inability to throw the ball downfield, Cooper is flourishing. 

Enter Stephon Gilmore, New Englands stud Lockdown Cornerback. The lad is crazy good this year. He hasn’t allowed a single touchdown so far this season. He is currently only allowing six FPPG to opposing wideouts. Six! He is also allowing a meagre 0.97 Fantasy Points Per Target. Oh, and he is also the top Lockdown Corner in Passer Rating Allowed metrics. Just a 40.3 passer rating to the opposing Quarterbacks. Madness! 

The kicker here is that the Patriots have more than one way to Stop Cooper. They either lineup Gilmore in shadow coverage on Cooper or they place Gilmore on Gallup and double cover Cooper. This might just be the play considering how dangerous the Cowboys ariel attack is. Asking Dallas to beat them through the air with Jason Witten and Randal Cobb. As reliable as these guys have been, they aren’t going to scare the other nine men on the Patriots defence. 

This is the game where the Cowboys announce themselves as contenders and Cooper proves he is elite. Or it could be the game where he has one of his vanishing act games. Sitting him may be impossible but you may need to play with caution. 

Darius Slayton Vs The Bears

Rookie sensation Slayton has lit it up since becoming one of the Giants most reliable Receivers. He didn’t start till week three against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He ran a minimal number of routes (16) also. Week four and five saw 17 and 24 routes run respectively. Oh, and three of the four first Corners he faced were Lockdown Corners, Josh Norman, Xavier Rhodes and Stephon Gilmore. Welcome to the big leagues Rookie. 

Slayton’s last game was when he erupted. He scored 34.1 Fantasy points. 121 yards and two touchdowns against city rivals the New York Jets. He ran 36 routes and had 14 targets, catching ten of them. Those numbers we’re outliers for this season and he should regress back to the mean somewhat. 

The beginning of his season, he saw reps because of the ban to Golden Tate and the injuries to Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram. With Shep dog back from his concussion, Tate and Engram back from injury and ban, Slayton could lose reps. Regardless of how well he has done, this is bad news. On top of this, he now faces a tough Bears team. 

The Bears are a league 2nd best against the opposing wideouts. Not only that they are a league-best 4th against opposing Quarterbacks. Whilst teams can run on the Bears they are struggling to score on their Corners and Safties. 

Lockdown Corners I consider to be the top 12 Cornerbacks in the league. Slayton could well be matched up against Lockdown Corner Prince Amukamara. Prince is currently the 11th best Cornerback and is allowing just 5.8 FPPG so far this season. Whilst Slayton might not be shadowed by Amukamara he will see plenty of him thought the game. My biggest concern here is the low scoring games the Bears have become embroiled in recently. They can’t score points and aren’t giving points up either. 

The Giants have perennial talent Saquon Barkley at running back and whilst he has been average of late this is a game where he can get right. If the Bears can get to Jones and cause havoc and turnovers, along with Barkley pounding the rock, it could spell a slow day for Slayton and co. 

With two or three weeks left of the regular fantasy season let’s avoid these Lockdown Cornerbacks and get to the playoffs. 

Until next week, Keep Rushing 

-Stocks @5yardrush 

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lock it down- Week Ten WR/CB matchups
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