Presidents Trophy

5 Yard Rush vs FTLS President’s Trophy!

This is it! The competition you have all been waiting for. The President’s Trophy!

This is a Ryder Cup-style competition between one fantastic Podcast and an epic one. For the Love of Sundays, AKA FTLS were challenged to a battle by 5 Yard Rush in an epic individual and team fantasy league.

The 5 Yard Rush Podcast were joined by FTLS on one of their shows. Where Murf decided to throw down the gauntlet and suggested that the Podcasts should do battle. Each of the Podcast captains (the hosts) would choose 5 team members to join them in battle.

John and BJ will own one team for Team USA/FTLS and Stocks and Murf will own the other team for Team Europe/5 Yard Rush. The other 10 spots in the league will then be handpicked by the team captains, creating 6 person teams. The Draft starts TODAY!!!

The Rules

This will be a redraft league with individuals fighting out for glory, whilst working together as a team to steer their continent to victory. Winning the league will help your team but it would be no use if your team doesn’t back you up.

Here is the format:

In weeks 1 – 12, opposing teams will match up every week. Essentially having a home and an away fixture against every player in the opposing team.

However, for the playoffs, there is the Quarter Finals in week 13, Semi-Finals in week 14 and then a two week Final for weeks 15 and 16. These matchups won’t necessarily be against the opposing team this time. It all depends on league placings as to who makes the playoffs.

During the regular season, Team FTLS or Team 5 Yard Rush will be awarded 1 point for a win when playing an opposing team.

Extra points will be awarded after the championship final.

The team finishing 1st will gain 20 bonus points for their team.
2nd will get 15 bonus points for their team.
3rd will get 10 bonus points for their team.
4th will get 7 bonus points for their team.
5th receive 5 bonus points for their team.
6th will get 3 bonus points for their team.
Finishing in 7th earns 0 bonus points for their team as does 8th and 9th.

For the teams finishing in the bottom 3, they start to lose points from the team score.
Finishing in 10th will deduct 2 bonus points from their team.
11th loses 5 bonus points from their team.
Finally, the team finishing in 12th will deduct 10 bonus points from their team.

When all places are finalised and the deductions have been made, the total number of points available will be 115. This means to win the competition, once all points are added and deducted, the team that has 58 or more points wins.

This will go down in Podcast folklore 

They will forever be known as the first-ever President’s Trophy champions.A will be awarded the President’s Trophy that will be proudly placed on view during live shows for all to see.

To follow the Battle of the Podcasts President’s Trophy, be sure to keep listening to the 5 Yard Rush Podcast and the For The Love of Sunday podcast. Or follow it all on twitter as the teams do battle @5yardrush and @FTLS_JBatts @FTLSunday

The teams are set, the draft is ready. Let battle commence!

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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