5 Yard Showdown: Week 4 Review

Week 4 saw the return of the SEC, and the chance four our fantasy football GMs to beef up their rosters. It was a week where Mississippi State shocked LSU in Baton Rouge and Sam Ehlinger continued on his Heisman campaign. Let’s have a look at how our teams got on as Team College tries to make amends for last week’s spanking at the hands of Team Rush.

Week 4: Rush Head-to-Heads

Ben v. Stocks

After top-scoring in Week 2, Stocks slumped to his first defeat of the season at the hands of Ben. A head injury to end Louisville QB Malik Cunningham’s day wouldn’t have helped. Then again, neither did the 3 interceptions prior to the injury. Texas Tech WR V.J. Vasher scored a respectable 23.4 points, thanks to 2 touchdowns from just 4 receptions.

Both teams were 3 players short of fielding a full line-up, and it was Breece Hall’s performance for Iowa State that proved the difference between the sides. Halls’ 154 rushing yards and 3 TDs resulted in 34.9 points for Ben, and 40% of Ben’s overall score for the week.

Ben gets his first win of the season, and Stocks his first defeat, in this all-Rush affair.

Final score: Ben 86.85 – 73.85 Stocks

Week 4: College Head-to-Heads

Jack v. Ash

Another member of the 5 Yard Rush family to taste defeat for the first time this season was Ash, whose side fell to Jack in a close affair. Ash’s score of 162.2 overall would have been enough to win in 4 of this weekend’s 6 fixtures, but not this one.

K.J. Costello lined up in the flex spot for Jack as he romped home to victory. Costello set an SEC record for passing yards on the day (623), throwing for 5 TDs and 2 interceptions. It accounted for 51.35 points, the highest haul in this match-up, and 2nd overall for the day.

LSU’s Terrace Marshall Jnr had 2 TD receptions for Ash, and Miami QB D’Eriq King kept producing on a Saturday for both the Hurricanes and Ash’s side. However, this week, Jack and K.J. Costello had enough to seal the victory.

Jack 173.15 – 162.2 Ash

Week 4: College v. Rush

Oli v. Mark

It was a low-scoring victory for Oli here, his 81.9 points the lowest winning score of the weekend. Mark was able to put out a season-best 5 starting players, but Florida State wideout Tamorrion Terry registered a negative score (-0.4). Terry had no receptions and one run for -4 yards in The Semoinoles’ thrashing at the hands of Miami.

Auburn QB Bo Nix accounted for over half of Mark’s points (33.05) with 233 yards, 3 TDs and 34 rushing yards. On the other team, Oli’s Najee Harris it the ground running (sorry, couldn’t resist) with 106 total yards and 3 TDs.

Oli 81.9 – 60.5 Mark

Jamie v. Sam

It was a battle of the QBs here, as Kyle Trask took on Sam Ehlinger. Ehlinger scored 55 points for Sam’s team, just shy of 50% of his total score. Jamie, with just 5 starting players to Sam’s 7, took the win thanks to Trask’s incredible performance against Ole Miss.

Trask threw for 416 yards and 6 touchdowns as the Gators blew away Ole Miss. Trask didn’t offer anything in the running game, but when you throw like he did on Saturday, it really doesn’t matter.

It was strange to see LSU opt-out Ja’Marr Chase start for Jamie. With Jamie Newman and Kennedy Brooks making it a trio of opt-outs on Jamie’s roster, it might be high time for him to check the waiver wire. Trask won’t be able to carry this side every week.

Jamie 158.35 – 116 Sam

Tom v. Phil

I go 3-0 for the year, chalking up Team College’s first win of Week 4. It is somewhat of a hollow victory, as Phil only fielded two starters. A message on Saturday tea time to confirm that Phil had forgotten to set his line-up for the week took any element of competition out of the game. Phil’s 10.9 points overall was defeated individually by 6 of my 9 starters.

Credit must go to Kyle Pitts, who lit up The Swamp in his first game of 2020. Pitts had 170 yards from 8 receptions and 4 TDs as the Gators bulldozed The Rebels. Jeff Sims of Georgia Tech had 4 interceptions, and could be making his way into free agency by the time Week 4 is out.

Matt v. Murf

This was undoubtedly the game of Week 4. Both teams were able to field a full complement of starters, and left over 80 points on each bench. Shi Smith eventually made his way into Murf’s starting lineup after suffering technical issues, and amassed 29.6 points. The South Carolina Gamecock had 10 receptions for 140 yards and a touchdown.

Smith wasn’t the only player on Murf’s team to impress in Week 4. In fact, the only player in his starting lineup not to be involved in a TD was Kansas’ Andrew Parchment (4.4 points). It is this sort of consistency that wins championships, and that is exactly what Murf has his eyes on. After a shock defeat in Week 1, he has strung back to back wins together. To add to that, he is now the 2nd highest scorer in the league behind Ash.

Top Scoring Team: Gators or Traitors (Murf, @5yardrush)

Top Scoring Player: Kyle Trask, QB, Florida (Team JJNUFC, @jovington)

Week 4 result: Team Rush 3-1 Team College

Another good week for Team Rush, as they best Team College in back-to-back weeks. Myself and Oli currently sit top of the standings with a 3-0 record. There’s a long way to go. Let’s hope that Team College can overcome the odds.

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