2020 Vampire League Stormula Daywalkers Count

A Semi-Final Stormula – Vampire League, Week 15

A Semi-final Stormula – Vampire League, Week 15

The Fatal Four fought in a tense and frightening set of semi-finals. Did Stormula make the right picks to get him through to the championship game? The Blues Brother stood in his way and, after the previous encounter, was itching for justice. 


None of the players were involved in the early games. Thursday night and Saturday games left behind as the Count and his opponent looked to get the winning decision in the last two days of the slate.

The Blues Brother instantly had difficulty with Russell Wilson. The Seattle Quarterback was under pressure for a lot of the game. And, although the Washington defense didn’t get him as often as expected, he had a muted performance, picking up only 13.04 points. 

The Count’s QB, Patrick Mahomes, found the faring much better against the Saints. Some spectacular plays to move the chains helped the MVP to 3 touchdowns, a 2 point conversion and 23.86 points. 

When it came to the wide receivers, the Blues Brother fared better. Tyreek Hill and Mike Evans actually had better days than their former colleague Devante Adams. Evans saw 17 points from 6 receptions and 100 yards, and Hill made 17.4 points from 6 receptions, 53 yards and a touchdown. Hill also added on an extra one-yard carry, a far cry from last week’s rushing touchdown. 

Their former Blues Brother Adams only made 11.2 points from his performance – 7 receptions for 42 yards. But it was Devante’s new team-mate Nuk Hopkins that set the position apart for the Daywalkers. 

The Cards man exploded for 29 points. 9 receptions for 169 yards and a touchdown, as well as a one yard carry. And if he hadn’t fumbled, it could have been even more. 


It was a disappointing matchup at the Tight End position. Evan Engram managed only 8.6 points – 4 receptions and 46 yards. Dallas Goedert didn’t do any better for Stormula, and in fact 4 receptions for 38 yards meant he got fewer points than Engram. Only 7.9 points could be added from Dallas’ performance.

It was a promising start at the Running Back position, particularly for the Blues Brother. Jonathon Taylor continued his good vein of form. his 19.5 points (83 yards and a touchdown on the ground; 4 receptions and 12 yards in the air). 

On the other side of the board, the backs did what they needed to do for Stormula. Aaron Jones and Dalvin Cook both put up 100 yard plus games. Jones picked up 145 yards and a touchdown on the ground, as well as 13 yards from 3 receptions. His Vikings partner? 132 yards and a touchdown, as well as 27 yards from 5 receptions. Together, they made 51.7 points. 

Further down the board, there were more decisive victories for the kickers and defenses. Rodrigo Blankenship smashed a normally virile Jason Sanders 9 points to 1. And, with the pick of the remaining defenses after the draft, Stormula seems to have found consistent success with the Dolphins D. They outscored the Niners by 12 points to -2. 


 That left the scores at 144.66 to 74.54, with just James Conner left on the field. It would have taken a miracle (or more) for Conner to make up all those points. However, the Running Back continued his absences for the BB at exactly the wrong time and he finished with a big fat bagel. The score stayed unmoved and the Count was victorious. 

And there were small mercies, as the Count elected to swap the potent foot of Jason Sanders for that of his former Daywalker Rodrigo Blankenship. 


With the Count progressing to the final, all that was to be decided was the opponent that the Daywalkers would face. Who would stand up to Stormula? The answer was not long-awaited, as nobody from the other semi-final had players in the Monday night game either. 

 Harry’s Ghould Hunt went up against Jack and his Mercy Brown squad. And, like in the Stormula semi-final, it came down to the Running Backs to decide the game. Harry put forth Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara. The Saints RB saw an uptick from Drew Brees’ return, but the change in the offensive plans at the Browns hurt Hunt’s production. 

On the other side, Tony Pollard’s surprise start paid huge dividends for Jack. Togther, Pollard and Derrick Henry rampaged for a combined 3 touchdowns, putting 56.4 points between them. With points being traded backwards and forwards between positions, this was the key difference-maker. 

Ultimately, Jack and his Mercy Brown shocked the season champ, and moved to the final to face the Count. Harry faces the Blues Brother in the 3rd place playoff. 


So Stormula and the Daywalkers make it to the final after picking the dregs after the draft. And, with a high powered offense at his whim, he stands as the favourite to beat his human opponent. Mercy Brown has fought hard to get this far, but can they take the final step and take down the Count? 

One thing’s for sure…

You can’t Count out the Count!

Rob @5YardRob

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