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Stocks started 5 Yard Rush in December 2017 with his old pal Sparky. As Sparky continued on an exciting venture, they asked Murf to guest on the podcast in September 2018. From there, Murf moved to full-time co-host almost immediately. As well as these 3, 5 Yard Rush has also had Stock’s soon to be Brother in Law, Nick, join in 2018. Whilst Stocks and Murf remain the weekly co-hosts, Sparky and Nick join occasionally and remain a huge part of 5 Yard Rush. In mid 2019 Stewart Love and Rich King joined the line-up. Sadly Rich and Stewart both moved onto personal ventures but the crew expanded further. Podcast fan and now Staff writer Ash joined the gang. Bringing his College knowledge and Steelers fandom to the team. Listener league darling Pittsy joined the writing staff  after doing listener league reviews. Our good friend and IDP master Dre joined the staff as the defence specialist. Podcast favourite Josh (drink) also come on board writing about his passion. Finally (for now!) Tom Scott joined the team after taking park in our Mock Draft bringing his deep knowledge of College Football to the team. It’s been an exciting and incredible journey since it was started over Stock’s kitchen table. Since the humble beginnings, the boys have moved to a Studio, built with help from friend of the podcast Josh (drink!). The boys have hosted guests in the studio, whilst continue to do the shows live most weeks.


To continue to grow and do more for the UK NFL community. We started off having just a handful of friends listen, and even fewer followers. Since then we have grown to hundreds of listeners every episode and thousands of followers on twitter page. We could not have done with without the wonderful support of Rush Nation, as well as the incredible guests who have given up their time and energy to join us on this wonderful journey. In the future we would love to offer more, but we need you help as to tell us from a fans perspective, what is missing and what you would like to see us do.




Host and Founder

Host and founder Stocks launched the podcast with Sparky in 2017 and has been the host ever since. Stocks does all the producing, editing and is responsible for the technical side of the podcast, plus more than the majority share of the content and articles. Without Stocks, 5 yard Rush would not continue to exist and it is his vision that allows for the podcast to grow.

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Murf joined the podcast in 2018 with a noisy guest appearance and never looked back. Since then Murf has taken on the social media channels (along with Stocks) as well as being responsible for the show content and networking with other podcasts and booking guests.

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Contributor & Occasional Co-Host

Our Fin-tastic head of V&V (Video & Visual). Lee is a huge Dolphins fan and master of digital art. Stocks & Murf met Lee through All32 and it was only right he joined the team after providing some cover art for podcasts and helping with the website.

Lee - 5 Yard Rush


Occasional Guest Co-Host

Sparky was the initial co-host in 2017 but decided to step back due to work commitments. Sparky however is the fun and comedy of the podcast and it is always a laugh a minute when we can get him in the studio. Just like Lev’ Bell, we might not know when he’s coming, but we all know when he’s here.


Occasional Guest Co-Host

Nick joined Murf in 2018 to co-host the show. However in Jan. 2019 Nick had a new job that requires him to work longer hours and make it impossible to commit every week. However Nick does drop by on occasion. Nick is the numbers guy who helps create the rankings profiles as well as many other things. He will soon be Stock’s Brother in-Law.