Time for the The BIG 12 Week One Quick Snap!

BIG 12 Week Two Quick Snap

BIG 12 Week Two Quick Snap

Every college football site, from ESPN to the one being run by your Ohio State fan dentist puts out weekly preview and reviews. They name the starters and the key players and what to look for on offence and defence and it’s all really…just fine. No offence Jack! but i’m dong it slightly different this year. Time for the The BIG 12 Week Two Quick Snap!

These articles serve a purpose, but it’s fair to say that purpose has been overserved in the age of the internet. So, let’s look at the BIG 12 Week Two slate and point out some things to look out for ranging from the serious an impactful to the down-right ridiculous.

Up first…

The hope that Bevo somehow takes out Bryce Young before he throws 5TDs

But I’m all seriousness.. Bama v Texas is the clear game of the week. Texas fans should be delighted if the game is still winnable when they reach the 4th quarter. Hope is a wonderful thing.

K-State travel to Mizzou for a very winnable game. Duce Vaughn is always worth watching regardless. Both teams are evenly matched. This could be a sneaky close/chaotic game to keep eyes on. 

Houston host Joey McGuire’s Texas Tech Red Raiders without QB Tyler Shough. Houston is the ranked team, though. So look for McGuire, who is known for his teams that don’t quit, to achieve the upset.

Not Your Normal Rivalry Name

El Assico – need I say more? Ok I’ll say more. Iowa has won the last six against their in state rivals. They have been Matt Campbell’s bogey team so inject that revenge narrative straight into my veins. Also, the Wave to the Iowa childrens hospital. Easily one of the best college football traditions around.

Kansas host WVA in a game that could go in any direction. Daniels could throw for 400 & 5 or Kansas could legitimately sneak a victory. Or both. 

Kent State is a playoff barometer test for OU. Demolish them like a playoff team should and hopes remain high. Struggle slightly and hopes get severely checked.

Arizona State host Oklahoma State. There’s probably a joke about sun devils just being another name for cowboys in there somewhere.

It’s Catholics v Mormons in Waco as Baylor host BYU. Aranda’s team will need to be on their game to knock off a good BYU team. Historically Catholics have a much bigger number in the “deaths caused by our religion” column. But don’t let that fool you into a false sense of security. The Mormons even have their own musical, which has to count for something.

TCU travel to Tarleton St. Yeah, me either. I did some digging and Tarleton is in Stephenville, the Cowboy Capital of the world and also Jewel is from there. Arguably much cooler than a school with a frog for a mascot. Likely their only win out of this. TCU should roll big.

Jake @dynastybrit

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