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The SEC at the half way point

We’re at the half way point of the college football season and it’s not disappointed. In this article we’ll take a look at the accuracy of our off season predictions for the SEC. We’ll also give props and recognition to those who’ve earned it! So here it is. Our view of the SEC at the…

Freshman Fever – SEC

The SEC is renowned for being a tough, physical conference. A freshman often needs time to settle in. Many don’t see the field until their second season. Though that’s not true of all of them. Quinshon Judkins burst on to the scene at Ole Miss last season and goes into his sophomore year as one…

Why is nobody talking about Antwane “Juice” Wells JR?

Before we know it, it will be football season, so here’s your opportunity to get to know an SEC player a little better. We all know the studs and key difference makers. Those who gather national media attention on a weekly basis. But who exactly, is Antwane Wells JR, and why aren’t enough people talking…

Applying the Bill Parcells rules to SEC Quarterbacks

Bill Parcells is a legendary hall of fame coach who was regarded as a top talent evaluator. One thing Parcells will be remembered for was a clear set of rules he had for drafting quarterbacks. Sure the game has changed massively since Parcells’ hey day but listening to the Move the sticks podcast recently Daniel…