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2021 NFL Drafts: Top 28 Picks

The NFL season is over and the postseason is well underway. The top 28 draft picks are finalised, and what better way for the 5 Yard College team to take in these final standings than with a Top 28 mock draft. Which teams will take a quarterback in the First Round of the draft? Sorry…

2021 NFL Draft First Rounders: Safety

We have come to the final position in our first round player profiles. Unfortunately for the safety class, it is bottom of the class in the 2021 NFL Draft. Do not take anything away from some of these guys, as there is some great safety talent up for grabs. It just isn’t at the same…

2021 NFL Draft First Rounders: Line-backers

Next up on the defensive player profiles is the line-backer slot. It is arguably the second best defensive position in the 2021 NFL Draft after the edge position. One guy continues to be top dog in this draft class, but there are a couple guys snapping at his heels and making a name for themselves….

2021 NFL Draft First Rounders: Defensive Tackles

We are moving over to the defensive tackle for today’s positional preview. Arguably one of the shallowest positions in the 2021 NFL Draft class is at this position. That being said it does not take away the importance of the DT to a team. In terms of first round pick potential, there are not many…