Draft Night Bingo

A fun article on Day 4 of our Draft Day countdown from Jack, our Big Ten feature writer at 5 Yard College, as we prepare for Thursday with Draft Night Bingo.

Eyes down.

There is a lot to take in on draft weekend. Here at 5 Yard College we aim to educate and entertain. In that light, I have drawn up my very own Draft Night Bingo Card. I’ve combined the things I expect to happen, things I hope to see and some that I really don’t, but am resigned to experiencing!

You can make your very own Draft Night Bingo Card using the template and join us for the NFL Draft on twitter throughout the event.

Mr. Unpopular Good Boy Nike! High School Throwback Timing Out!
Stuck At #3 Clocking Out QB’s Falling Down Down Down Twitter Meltdown
Cry Me A River Stage Slip Heavy Edge Drama Queen Strikes Again
Disastrous Ad Break Run Rich Run This Is NOT Your Moment ‘Ooh Draft Friends!’

Mr Unpopular. Safest bet possible. Roger Goodell gets booed by anyone and everyone. Being Commissioner doesn’t win you loads of fans when you dish out player and team punishments.

Good Boy Nike! Bill Bilichek’s dog Nike stole the show at the 2020 Draft. Not being a TV person, Bilichek often left Nike as the only one on screen when he knew the cameras would be on him. Will Nike make another appearance?

High School Throwback. When a pick comes out of nowhere, presenters aren’t the only ones caught unprepared. Producers scramble for any info on the lesser-known prospect and have been known to settle for old High School photos if that’s all they can find at short notice!

Timing Out. Despite drafting every year, and having months to prepare for their picks, NFL front offices can still run the clock close. Sometimes it’s to build the drama (after all, the NFL is a show not just a sport.) But occasionally teams will push it too far and time out! The Minnesota Vikings once missed their 1st rounder 2 years in a row!

Stuck At #3. The whole world knows Arizona wants to trade out of pick 3 and get a haul in return. Can they find a suitor? 

Clocking Out. We already know the Dolphins are taking Thursday night easy, having lost their 1st round pick. Will anyone else join them? Their AFC East rivals New England love to keep their fans up only to trade out last minute!

QBs Falling Down Down Down. Quarterback hype is always high (Malik Willis anyone?!) Are we really going to see 4, 5 or even 6 cme off the board night 1? History suggests not.

Twitter Meltdown. This could apply to every fanbase. Cue outrage, arguments, despair and vitriol online when the picks come in. Maybe avoid the Elon-experiment for the weekend.

Cry Me A River. It’s a highly emotional moment for these young men. Get the tissues ready.

Stage Slip. Will anyone take a tumble on stage?

Heavy Edge. The ‘23 Edge class is strong and deep. Will Anderson, Tyree Wilson, Lukas Van Ness, Nolan Smith, Myles Murphy & BJ Ojulari could all be round 1 picks. There’s plenty more talent at the position too, and a good job – all 32 teams need good pass rushers!

Drama Queen Strikes Again. You know who I’m talking about. Yeah, him. I’m betting Aaron Rodgers makes draft night all about his future, one way or another.

Disastrous Ad Break. The NFL is a revenue machine! The cost of TV ads during the draft is astronomical and they get centre stage all night. Sometimes so much so that the real reason we’re here gets missed! We’ve missed picks for an ad break before, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.

Run Rich Run. A heartwarmer. Rich Eisen has taken a bet and turned it into a major fundraising drive. Over the weekend, Rich will run the 40 yard dash in full suit raising money for St Jude Children’s Research hospital. It’s a wholesome watch.

This Is NOT Your Moment! These college players have worked their whole footballing lives to hear their name called. It’s their moment, not anyone else’s. I’m talking to the friends, family and girlfriends looking for a moment in the spotlight. Isaiah Wilson was picked in the 1st round by Tennessee in 2020. Unfortunately the selection is remembered most for his girlfriend draping herself all over him, putting herself front and centre. Hilariously a family member spots what’s going on and unceremoniously drags her out of shot! Is there another offender lurking in the ‘23 class?

‘Oooh Draft Friends!’ In true Inbetweeners style, watch for Roger Goodell’s awkward handshakes, hugs, lifts and high fives with the players on stage for all to see. 

You can join us on Draft Night and all weekend as the picks are revealed at 5 Yard College and share with us your own Draft Night Bingo cards as the night moves on.


Jack – Twitter: JackCDCTT


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