Dual-Threat IDP

Dual-threat IDP players can indeed be the difference makers on your team. They allow you to play a player at multiple positions on your roster. If used correctly, they can give you a significant point advantage at these certain positions (depending on the player).

DISCLAIMER: All of this is also dependent on the rules your commissioner has set forth for your league. Be sure to check if the players mentioned below are indeed dual-threat positional players. Not all players mentioned will be efficient starters for your rosters. Players mentioned are more used as an example of what to look for in a dual-threat player. 

What do I define as dual-threat?

I have highlighted these players as dual-threat because they all had logged in over one hundred snaps at multiple alignments on the field in 2020. Multiple assignments/alignments could mean numerous positions and thus give that player chances at different opportunities at points that your average NFL defensive plays at that position may not get.

A Tale of Two Rams.

For instance, although he is a top corner in the league, a player like Jalen Ramsay would not be the first Rams defensive back that I would consider drafting, and here is a quick rundown of why. 

Troy Hill and Jalen Ramsey are both defensive backs. Both players logged in over one thousand snaps on defense in 2020 for the Los Angeles Rams; however, they did not have the exact alignments or assignments all season, thus resulting in gaps in their scoring.

Hill was a better play because he played far more in slot coverage. The slot resulted in Hill being aligned in the box sixty-two more times all season. More time in the box usually results in more opportunity to be around the ball resulting in tackles.

 Ramsey Played corner 828 times and only slot 173 times. Although Ramsay had more plays, he was outside the box, thus giving him a lower probability of constant contact with the ball as the corner. Jalen finished 2020 with 44 solo tackles, six assisted tackles, and one interception.

Hill played corner 350 times and was aligned in the defensive slot position 620 times. Slot players see frequent action on third down and can be aligned closer to the action or heart of the play where the ball is placed at every down. Troy finished 2020 with 69 solo tackles, 13 assists, and three interceptions.

Troy Hill is not a linebacker, and you cannot slot him at any other position than defensive back; I just wanted to give a quick rundown on how alignments can make a ginormous difference in fantasy scoring; so keep those eyes broad! With that said, let’s dive into an example of a true dual-position player.

Dual-threat Player Breakdown.

Let’s take it down south to Carolina and analyze how Jeremy Chinn can be a cheat code for your defensive roster. Chinn logged 967 plays on defense in 2020. 55% were in coverage, 8% were in pressure, and 37% were in run defense. Four hundred sixty-seven plays logged as a free safety and slot, whereas Chinn logged 476 plays aligned in the box or on the defensive line (outside the offensive tackle). 

To have drafted Chinn in 2020 is one thing; however, you weren’t truly “winning” unless you rostered him at the defensive back position because it’s like your playing a linebacker at defensive back. Drafting dual-threat players such as Chinn will make you much happier Sunday. Chinn finished 2020 with 89 solo tackles and 27 assisted tackles; that’s 160.5 points in just tackles, according to the 5 Yard Rush IDP+.

If you aren’t familiar with our scoring system, here it is for you and the link to the article written by my friend Nath Davis. IDP + Scoring – A new UK industry standard

S / LB Keanu Neal, Atlanta Falcons

2020 Snaps by alignment per PFF:

DL: 22 BOX: 484 FS: 226 SLOT: 157 CORNER: 28

All twenty-two defensive line snaps in 2020, Keanu was lined up outside of the offensive tackles. Keanu totaled Nine hundred seventeen total defensive snaps in 2020. Sixty-three percent of his snaps Neal played in coverage, three percent amounted in a pass rush, and just under thirty-three percent of plays were in run defense. 

Neal combined for 100 tackles (83 solos and 17 combined), allowed a catch rate of 77.6 %, allowed only one touchdown in coverage, and intercepted the ball once in 2020.

Roster player as a depth piece in deep IDP Dynasty 

Overall, Neal appeared everywhere on the field and lined up just about everywhere in 2020. With that said, Neal has relocated from a dual-threat player in “The Peach State” to a loaded linebacker core in Dallas, where DC Dan Quinn has already stated that Neal will strictly be playing linebacker this coming season.

He is currently behind Jaylon Smith at the Will linebacker position. Also, the Cowboys drafted Jabril Cox out of LSU in this year’s NFL Draft, so it seems he won’t have nearly as much value unless he relocates (again) or Dallas makes some drastic changes defensively in his favor. 

DL / LB Jahlani Tavai, Detroit Lions 

2020 Season snaps by alignment per PFF:

DL: 178 BOX: 410 FS: 0 SLOT: 25 CORNER: 11

Tavai had six quarterback hurries and one hit on seven total pressures in 2020. Out of the 352 total snaps in his career lined up on the defensive line, only one of those snaps was inside the offensive tackle.

Roster player as a depth piece in deeper IDP Dynasty/Redraft

The former Rainbow Warrior is the projected starting middle linebacker for the Detroit Lions in 2021. With a set of fresh faces via free agency and the draft, Jahlani will have to prove to be a master communicator as he assists in Detroit’s hopes at a young and aggressive front seven.

Speaking of aggressive, this season is his first opening of the year as a starter, so I expect his stats to increase. I am unsure how much of a dual-threat he will be this coming season, as he will no longer be playing second fiddle as a role and special teams player. If you find yourself with a late-round dart throw, I would suggest it be this man.

S / LB Adrian Phillips, New England Patriots 

2020 Snaps by alignment per PFF:

DL: 163 BOX: 473 FS: 28 SLOT: 62 CORNER: 20

All 163 of Adrian’s defensive line snaps he was aligned outside of the offensive tackle. Phillips was targeted 41 times and allowed a 78% completion rate in coverage. He did intercept the ball twice and broke up a pair of passes as well.

Former Patriots safety Patrick Chung announced his retirement during the offseason. Adrian will start aside Devin McCourty at the safety position for the New England Patriots for their second consecutive season. Phillips is coming off of a career year where he tallied 83 solo tackles, 27 assisted tackles, three hurries, and one sack on four quarterback pressures. 

Roster player as a Defensive Back in all formats

Adrian always seemed to be in the mix of that New England defense in 2020. New England’s defense is only going to be more assertive with the return of Dont’a Hightower.  Off-season signings of Matt Judon and Kyle Van Noy should also add a nice touch.

With 473 plays in the box in 2020, I would look for the value in this dual-threat player.


That’s all I have for you today, Rush Nation; a huge thank you for reading this. I hope it helps, and if you have any questions, feel free to message or interact with me on Twitter https://twitter.com/caliking49er17.


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