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Dynasty Buys – Running Backs

So the offseason is starting to really drag now, so I thought I would take a look at more dynasty buys that you can target regardless of your roster’s position or ambition. In this article of the series, I will look at what Running Backs you should be targeting to help your dynasty rosters.

Win Now

Christian McCaffrey

It’s hard for me to believe that there are some out there considering selling McCaffrey. Though he has had two badly hampered seasons with injuries, he is undoubtedly a top talent when fit. Across his career he has averaged more than 22 PPG and shown numerous times he can carry your fantasy roster to victory in any given week. I have no reason to believe this will change. The Panthers still have question marks at QB and except DJ Moore, they are not flushed with talent at WR, therefore they must still lean heavily on McCaffrey and as always, he will deliver.

At just 25 years old, he will offer future trade value, or production for a few years yet. So if you are looking to win now, go and get the best Running Back in the league at his lowest value since he was first drafted.

Possible trade value – 2 x first round rookie picks.

Nick Chubb

Nick Chubb at the Browns is another I would be looking to add to my roster. Considered by many to be the best natural rusher in the NFL. He will also see lots of opportunities despite sharing the backfield with Kareem Hunt. The QB situation remains incredibly murky in Cleveland although they have signed Deshaun Watson this off season. Therefore, the run heavy Browns will continue to depend on their backfield heading into the 2022 season. Both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt have proven inconsistent with injuries of late, however even when both are available, Chubb has still returned RB1 numbers. With three consecutive 1000 yard seasons and averaging over five yards per carry throughout his career, this will continue this year. Should Hunt miss time with injuries again too, Nick Chubb will certainly benefit and will undoubtedly help your win now roster.

Potential trade value – 1 first round rookie pick & 2 second round rookie picks


AJ Dillon

If looking to rebuild your roster, I would turn your attention to acquiring AJ Dillon. The Packers backfield has been a competitive place over the last two years, but last year we saw AJ Dillon starting to take work from Aaron Jones. Now the Packers have moved on from Davante Adams, I’d expect Jones to receive a greater share of the receiving down work. That does however leave AJ Dillon getting the bulk of the ground attempts, especially within the red zone, where he kept the bulk of the work following Jones’ injury last season.

Another Aaron Jones injury in 2022 will obviously be a benefit to Dillon’s immediate production. Dillon has proved himself in the rush game, the red zone and with receiving work, leaving him a ready made natural replacement if Jones were to go down.

Potential trade value – Late first round rookie pick or early second round rookie pick

Michel Carter

Carter was drafted in the fourth round of last years draft by the New York Jets and their new Head Coach Robert Saleh. During 2022 he shared the field with two experienced veterans in Coleman and Johnson. Despite this, Carter was favoured enough to have the majority of the workload, despite not quite being a workhorse. Michael Carter missed a couple of games in 2022 and despite the above, he still returned high end RB3 numbers in his rookie year.

As we all know, the New York Jets struggled last year in games and being behind meant they wasn’t able to use their backfield as perhaps they would have liked. Though not expecting a massive improvement, I do expect the Jets to at least be more competitive and therefore use their backfield more within games. This will mean Michael Carter naturally sees more opportunities. I am therefore really expecting him to outshine the veterans on the roster and establish himself firmly as the RB1 in New York.

Potential trade value – Late first round rookie pick or early second round rookie pick

For more on both the above Rebuild Running Back Buys, be sure to check out the 5 Yard Rush articles by @hanrowland where she has taken a more in-depth look at both the Packers and Jets backfields.


Melvin Gordon

Currently a free agent following the expiry of his contract with the Denver Broncos, Melvin Gordon’s value should currently be pretty low for you to go and acquire him right now.

Many expect Gordon to re-sign with the Broncos, despite the really clear and obvious hype and expectation on sophomore back Javonte Williams. Gordon showed last year that he is more than capable of competing in that backfield with the youngster and still being fantasy relevant.

Last year Gordon and Williams had the same amount of rushing attempts, but with those attempts, Gordon gained more yards and double the amount of rushing TDs than Williams. If Melvin Gordon does indeed stay at the Broncos, I see no reason why similar production wouldn’t continue, making Gordon a cheap buy for his return.
Should however, Gordon seek to sign elsewhere, he will only be looking for a backfield where he can continue with at least a shared role if not a lead back role. As a result, I can’t see his 2022 numbers returning any lower than what he delivered in 2021. As a result, gambling right now and buying Melvin Gordon for your dynasty roster could prove an extremely screwed acquisition.

Potential trade value – 1 third round rookie pick

That concludes my Running Back Dynasty Buys article, be sure to go back and check out my Quarterback Dynasty Buys article released previously and stay tuned for which Wide Receivers I am going out and getting for my rosters.

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