Dynasty Buys and Sells – Fill the gap

Each Friday I will be walking you through some Dynasty buys and sells highlighting the players you should be targeting and shifting in your dynasty Leagues. This week I’m going to highlight something different including helping you fill the gap.

It’s week 10 and that means one thing! It’s trading time. One of the best things about Dynasty is the constant trading but this week is around the most important to be making a move.


Fill the gap

This week I wanted to do something a little different. I could sit here and list a series of players that could help you in the playoffs. However, rather than doing that, I thought it would be better if I walked you through my strategy at this time of year.

The first thing you need to do is take complete stock of where you and your roster are. Are you a true contender? If yes. Then analyse your roster. The way I look at it I want a solid starter in every single spot and one backup for each position. Work out how many players you’re above average and work out if you have any gaping holes.

Then you need to decide what you have in terms of capital to make a move. Look at your cupboard of picks. Then look at all the players that weren’t on your list of starters and backups. I like to view that pile as the assets I’m going to use to go and fill the gap in my roster.

At that point, I go to the league table and work out which rosters are out of contention. Which of those rosters have the player/asset that can fill the gap. If it’s multiple then that is perfect. I will then start a conversation in the DMs to begin trade talks whilst also simultaneously posting in the league chat. This way you start the conversation about trade but the league then knows you’re having that conversation with multiple other owners. Work collaboratively to find a fair deal that works for both sides at either end of the table and then pull the trigger.

Remember you’re looking to improve your starting lineup as much as possible as we head to the playoffs. However, don’t neglect that one backup for each position as sadly injuries will happen.


Restocking the farm

If you’re not a contender it’s time to look to next year. However, one of the most common misconceptions is that if you’re not a contender you should only be selling at this point in the year and accumulating picks.

I firmly disagree. I think at this time of the year you should be heavily in acquisition mode but with a slight difference. You shouldn’t be going out and spending your big assets to acquire studs. Instead, you should be shopping around the edges to pick up undervalued assets that could rise in value. I think if you’re not a contender you should be stockpiling 1st and 2nd round picks in the draft but then using your later picks to take flyers on players who could turn it around.

There are two main types of players to target injured players and players who will see a change in circumstances.

Injured players are easy. They are good players who aren’t helping a contender this year but could help you next year. JK Dobbins, Travis Etienne, Juju Smith-Schuster are all players we’ve discussed. However, don’t forget some of the even cheaper guys like Gus Edwards, Irv Smith, or even Jameis Winston.

The second group of players is a little harder to define. These are players who could be in a contract year and likely to see a change of scenery or players playing for a coach who is likely to get fired. Some of the players I think are undervalued but could be better next year include Michael Gallup, Brandin Cooks, James Washington, Tim Patrick, Marcus Mariota, Evan Engram, and Chase Edmonds amongst others. They’re all potentially going to find a new home in Free Agency. You could also see someone like Justin Fields or Jerry Jeudy land new offensive minds that could boost their dynasty value.

Be aggressive at shopping around the edges; you never know what you might find to help restock the farm.


Shockingly I’m not telling you anything new by saying if you’re not a contender sell off your aging players for picks but my one tip here is to make sure you’re not giving off the smell of a fire sale. Make sure you’re having conversations in private with several owners about the player rather than making it obvious in the group chat or trade block that you’re actively looking to move a player. If people think you’re desperate to move a player they are less likely to pay a premium price.


Is there a player you would be buying or selling that I’ve missed? Let me know on Twitter @DynastyIsland and ensure you’re following the whole team @5yarddynasty

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