Dynasty Buys and Sells – Week 1

Each Friday I will be walking you through some Dynasty buys and sells highlighting the players you should be targeting and shifting in your dynasty Leagues. If you are ever looking for prices and trade value be sure to check out my survival kit.


Literally, any stud who had a bad week 1

One week of football and people are already overreacting! Aaron Rodgers put up the worst fantasy performance of his career. Saquon Barkley produced under 5 fantasy points. The list of studs that underperformed in week one is long. If the owner is panicking and you can get a stud at a discount now is the time to pounce. A great man once said form is temporary, class is permanent. In fantasy, you know that these guys are bouncing back.

Rondale Moore

One of my favourite moves is to buy rookies early in the season. Owners have this new shiny toy in the offseason and then as soon as the season begins they forget their true value and shift to a redraft mentality. Lewis did an incredible job breaking down Rondale Moore this week. If you can buy Moore for anything less than a 1st you’ll thank me later.

George Kittle

On the underperforming stud theme. Kittle underperformed in week 1 as the TE9 producing under 10 points. However, the underlying stats were all there. He had a 21.7% target share and a 17% air yard market share. Kittle absolutely belongs in the conversation alongside Kelce and Waller. However, after week 1 he will probably have fallen down in peoples estimations. TE is an absolute mess so if you can tempt Kittle away with people thinking Deebo’s performance in week 1 is sustainable then I absolutely would (hint a 52.2% target share is not sustainable) I have Kittle priced as a 1st and a 2nd in a PPR league. I think you can probably get him for less than that currently.

Rashod Bateman

Rashod Bateman was one of my preseason darlings. He had a fantastic score in my rookie model and had great draft capital. People soured on him slightly when he landed in Baltimore and even more so once he got injured. The Bateman owner likely paid a late first to draft him in most SF leagues. I still believe Bateman can be a stud in the NFL despite the landing spot. With the redraft mentality, people will be forgetting what they spent on Bateman and how great he could be. If you can pivot from someone like Brandin Cooks who is producing now to Bateman it will not only help you come to the end of the season but will set you up much better long term.


Melvin Gordon

Gordon has been a sell all offseason. Even before the Broncos traded up to draft Javonte Williams but particularly afterwards. Coming into the season the expectation was that Gordon would start as the 1A and slowly ceed time to Javonte as the season goes on. However in week 1 that wasn’t the case. Javonte actually saw slightly more work with a 51.72% opportunity share compared to 48.28% for Gordon. If your league mate is a box score watcher and thinks that Gordon’s impressive week 1 is a sign of things to come then take advantage. Gordon had a 70 yard TD run that buoyed his stats. Take nothing away it was an impressive run showing great vision to cut before he hit the 3rd level. However, he was untouched until he was 65 yards downfield. I honestly think you can probably get a 2nd for Gordon right now and that is maybe the easiest acceptance you’ll make all season!

Christian Kirk

This is a tough sell because I have always liked Kirk the player. However, I just can’t buy into him seeing consistent volume in that offence. Also coming off a 5 target 2 touchdown game feels like an easy sell high opportunity. I also believe as above Rondale Moore will continue to be featured in this offence more and more. If I can get a 2nd for Christian Kirk then I’m a very happy man.

Devin Singletary

I am a long-held believer in always be selling Running Backs. Devin Singletary was a massive sell early in the season last year and this season it’s no different. Zach Moss was a healthy scratch and whilst Singletary didn’t light up any box scores people may well be thinking that this is his role all season. I am a believer that this offence runs through Josh Allen and no Running Back in this offence will be anything more than a volume-based RB2/3. I think give the state of Running Back currently you may be able to tempt a 2nd round pick out of somebody. At that price, I’m selling Singletary and not looking back!

Is there a player you would be buying or selling that I’ve missed? Let me know on Twitter @DynastyIsland and ensure you’re following the whole team @5yarddynasty. I’ll be back next week with some more Dynasty Buys and Sells.

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