Dynasty Buys and Sells – Week 11

Hey guys, welcome back! Week 10 is in the books and we are steaming towards the playoffs. It’s a scary thought – I know – but for dynasty: the off-season is where the fun begins. For now, we will see what we can do to help your team for the last few weeks of the season and whose value you may be able to take advantage of.



Justin Herbert made this list as he has struggled thus far. While he is having a mediocre season in spite of injuries to himself as well as half of his team (including members of the O-line that protect him), he is still not reaching his true potential.
He is currently on pace for 702 attempts for 4508 and 26 TDs which was good enough for QB9 last season. These may seem like good numbers, but he was predicted to be elite this year. Coming into the 2022 season, Herbert was the single player that was going to crack the top tier. Some people even ranked him above Mahomes.

Herbert was untouchable to purchase coming into the season unless you had at least 2 23 1st round picks heading into the other direction. However, after the season he has had, I would say you could buy him cheaper than he was.

So far this season, Herbert is ranked #3 overall in passing attempts , #4 overall in redzone attempts, #1 in money throws, #5 in passing yards and #9 in passing TD. After all of that, the Los Angeles Chargers are #2 overall in passing attempts per game. Some of these are as good as last year, but as he has been put down as a player having a down year and still keeping decent numbers, he is a big buy for me.

I would be looking to move off another QB to get him, maybe throwing Trevor Lawrence and a 23 1st for Herbert would be a move I’m willing to make. Another one is to perhaps look at the contending teams who have Herbert and try seeing what piece they need to complete their team such as a Barkley and a 1st.



If you are a team who looks like you’re making the playoffs: DO NOT SELL! This advice is for rebuilding teams.

Mixon has scored over 10 points in all but 1 game this season, so he is somebody that will help a contending team win a trophy. However, for a struggling team his value will not ever be higher than it is right now. Mixon scorched the earth in week 9, rushing 22 times for 153 yards and 4 TD, and also receiving 4 targets for 58 yards and a TD – very nearly setting a fantasy record for the highest number of points in a single week for a player!

Mixon, heading into week 9, was averaging 12.5 points per game and was RB 14 on the season, but after week 9 he is now averaging 17 points per game and is RB 7 on the season.

Here come the problems… he is 26 and the Cincinnati Bengals can move away from him after the 22 season, saving them $7.4 million dollars in cap space. With so many high profile players in this team coming up to contract talks (examples such as Joe Burrow, Tee Higgins and Ja’Mar Chase) they will need as much cap space as they can get, so I could see the Bengals looking to the 23 draft class for a replacement RB.

I would be happy selling Mixon for a late first, but I would at the moment probably try to sneak one of these rookie RBs into the equation, maybe the likes of Isiah Pacheco or even an Isaiah Spiller in the deal to sweeten it up a bit.

Thanks again for taking the time to read guys see you next week!

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