Dynasty Start-Up Draft Strategies: RB Heavy

Welcome to my Dynasty Start-up Draft Strategy series. In this series, I’m going to do 4 different mock drafts which focus on implementing different strategies. While these will be 15 round drafts, I have roped in the 5 Yard Dynasty guys to help, so they will be as accurate as we can make it. The aim is to try and help you guys figure out strategies heading into draft season. 

  • Episode 1: QB-heavy
  • Episode 2: RB-heavy and fade WR
  • Episode 3: WR-heavy and fade RB
  • Episode 4: TE-early – showing the value of having an elite TE

This week I’m going to be doing the opposite of what I have done in all start-ups I have participated in 2022 by going RB heavy. I’m excited to see how this goes! RB heavy is a strategy that I have used a lot in the past, however, it proved to not work well in the last 2 seasons after focusing on the top RB and seeing them all go down to injuries. The likes of CMC and Saquon always come to mind as elite RBs who were picked early and never paid back value. Still, hopefully after this draft, I can change your mind or even my mind on this strategy!

Pick 1.05 Jonathan Taylor

The draft started as every SF draft does: Allen, Mahomes, Herbert, and Jackson being the 1st 4 QBs off the board, making my first pick so easy. JT is easily every person’s dynasty RB1 and if he’s not, I would love to find out why!

Pick 2.08 Joe Mixon

The first round went a bit different from normal. After the blockbuster trade with Watson, he went in the first round at the 1.09, which seems about right. A few other RBs off the board, including Najee Harris who finished off the 1st round. CMC, Swift, Cook, and Williams went in the 2nd too, which meant 2.08 was a very easy pick for me as Mixon is RB6 in my rankings.

Pick 3.08 Saquon Barkley

I know this is the second draft now where I have taken Barkley, but I’m riding the train (the ‘I really hope he doesn’t get injured again train’) so get on board with me. In the last few picks,  more RBs were chosen – with rookie Breece Hall chosen at 3.03, then Ekeler and Akers, leaving my RB9 in Barkley.

Pick 4.05 Antonio Gibson

Not many RBs chosen in the last picks – Nick Chubb and Alvin Kamara were the only ones, which left me with my RB13. So, in the first 4 rounds, I have 4 of my top 13 RBs and 14 off the board. Now, I can focus on other positions. My big worry at the moment is that I have very little left at QB, so I’m hoping here for Cousins, Carr, or Tannehill to make it back to me at 5.08!!!

Pick 5.08 Ryan Tannehill

I’m happy to get Tannehill here as a solid QB1. I would have preferred Cousins, but as my QB17, I’m more than okay with Tannehill and I’m willing to wait for a few more rounds before grabbing another QB. I have my eye on Matt Ryan but will wait on him now while I focus on some WRs. 

Pick 6.05 DJ Moore

I’m absolutely buzzing to get Moore as my WR1 and the 17th WR off the board. So far, I’m very much liking the team and the way it’s coming together. I’d be happy with a lot of WRs on the board at the moment, but one stands out to me – Elijah Moore. I really hope he makes it back to me.

Pick 7.08 Jerry Juedy

The board was not kind to me! Moore went 2 picks before me but, after one of the biggest QB trades ever in the NFL, Juedy stock has risen to me. Grabbing another young WR has made me happy but I’m starting to get the fear. Not having more than one QB is making me nervous, so I’m praying Matt Ryan makes it to my next pick.

Pick 8.05 Matt Ryan

YES!! He made it back to me. I can kind of relax a bit more now as I have 2 starting QBs, along with 4 of the best RBs, and 2 top WRs, so I’m fairly happy with how this draft has gone through 8 rounds.

Pick 9.08 George Pickens

Here it is, my first rookie pick in these draft strategy mocks. I really like George Pickens as a prospect and as the 6th rookie WR taken, I’m happy with him. The players picked before in order are Burks, Wilson, London, Olave, and Williams. The icing on the cake for me, though, is that George has the best surname!

Pick 10.05 Cordarrelle Patterson

Hi, my name is Paul, and I’m a Patterson draftaholic. I totally need to stop drafting him, but I see the value in him at this point. RBs left on the board are getting a bit thin, we have Pollard, Hunt, Singletary, and Penny, so I will always take the upside in Patterson. Totally excited about him as RB5 on my team.

Pick 11.08 Michael Gallup

Filling my team nicely now and getting another WR locked in. This time, it’s Gallup. The last round has seen a few WRs get picked, so I felt this was the right time to get one. I’m happy Gallup fell as he is my WR30 and he is WR49 off the board. However, I was starting to worry about my QB situation (or my lack of them), and in the last round Wentz, Mills, and Mayfield went, making me wait longer for my QB3 in the team.

Pick 12.05 Melvin Gordon

The final piece in the ultimate RB room, Gordon was the last RB I wanted. He is my RB41 this season. The heavy RB strategy is complete, so now to fill the last couple of positions!

Pick 13.08 Robert Woods

This is one of my favourite picks. I have high hopes for Woods at his new home, and as the WR 2 ion TEN now I like him a lot. Also, stacking him with Tannehill is another positive for me. In the last round, some WRs picked are MVS, Moore, Watson (rookie), Gage, Ridley, and Davis. I’m starting to get the TE fear, as I need one. I’m hoping Ertz makes it back to me!

Pick 14.05 Logan Thomas

I was very desperate for a TE and the fear took over. I didn’t get my guy Zach Ertz, or my backup choice in Ivr Smith, but I will take Thomas who, after a bad injury, seems to have fallen down everybody’s draft board. I’m fairly happy with Thomas at this spot, as we all know Wentz loves a TE.

Pick 15.08 Drew Lock

To complete this draft, I have locked in my QB3. It’s not the sexy pick I would normally go for, but that’s the sacrifice you make when focusing on a specific position.


QB Tannehill, Ryan & Lock

RB Taylor, Mixon, Barkley, Gibson, Patterson & Gordon

WR Moore, Juedy, Pickens, Gallup & Woods

TE Thomas


I loved this draft, it took me back to my first couple of years playing fantasy football where every draft was a RB-heavy strategy. I Ioved my RB room, it was so strong, and a great mixture of both young and experienced players. But, ultimately, it has left me so weak at QB. In an SF Dynasty league, QB is the one position I don’t want to be weak at. This strategy is one I’m not likely to be doing going forward; a couple of injuries to the wrong players and you go from a playoff team to a toilet bowl team. 

What did you think of my final team and, the more important question, what do you think of the RB-Heavy strategy? You can follow Paul on Twitter @paul_picken to keep up with his work. He will be back soon with another Dynasty Start-up. Keep your eyes peeled for more articles from our great Dynasty team, coming soon. Remember to tune into the 5 Yard Dynasty Livestream every Tuesday at 8 pm (GMT).

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