Dynasty Start-up Draft Strategies: WR Heavy

Welcome to Episode 3: the WR-heavy strategy! This strategy is, to me, the most common of the 4 I’m testing out. It’s one I see a lot (and one I have used in a recent start up-myself) so I was looking forward to seeing how this draft pans out. While WR-heavy seems to be a widely used strategy amongst the community, I plan on taking 4 WRs before anything else, while most would normally take an early QB, then go WR. I’m excited for this one! Make sure to check out my previous articles: QB-heavy and RB-heavy.

As with all previous drafts, it’s a 15 round, 12 team, SF snake draft with a 3RR.

Please note: This draft was completed prior to the NFL Draft so some values may have shifted since.

Pick 1.05: Justin Jefferson

This was a very easy pick to make as Jefferson is my WR1, closely followed by Chase. So, after the first 4 picked QBs, I had my pick of the bunch.

Pick 2.08: AJ Brown

I was absolutely amazed to land my WR 5 here after seeing Kupp, Chase, Lamb and Hill get picked. This is the start that you can only dream of and I can’t wait to see who else I can get.

Pick 3.08: Deebo Samuel

My WR6 is locked in! I loved what Deebo did last season and look forward to seeing what Shanahan can do with the elite – Trey Lance and Deebo – going forward. At this point in the draft, I have 3 of my top 6 ranked WRs and 9 WRs off the board. Other stand out picks in this draft have seen Breece Hall at 3.02 and Malik Willis at 3.06 – the earliest I have seen these players picked.

Pick 4.05: Diontae Johnson

THIS IS GETTING INSANE! PLEASE can I have this team?! I have now managed to pick up 4 of my top 7 WR in the first 4 rounds. I’m starting to worry that I’m going to need a QB soon. 3 WRs were taken in this round – Waddle, Diggs and Cooper.

Pick 5.08: Tua Tagovailoa

This draft is proving to get better each round, I’m now locking in my QB18 at QB18 off the board and couldn’t ask for better. Tua recently has moved 4 places up in my rankings after the Dolphins traded for Tyreek Hill, signing Chase Edmonds at RB can only mean he gets better this season.

Pick 6.05: Elijah Moore

Moore is one of my favourite prospects going into the 2022 season, he was actually WR3 in week 7-13 of the 2021 season. In my rankings he is coming in at WR16, while in this draft he is WR20 off the board – but this did include Burks, Wilson and London (in this order). Now to build other positions.

Pick 7.08: Leonard Fournette

Playoff Lenny is making it into the team as my RB1 and a solid, experienced RB to start with. Now he has signed to the Bucs for the next 3 years, he gives me at least 2 years of relevance, which is one of my major targets in my RBs.

Pick 8.05: James Conner

May I just take this time to point out what a team this is shaping up to be now I have another RB. Like Fournette, Connor has just signed a big money contract for the next 3 years and should return 2 years of relevance.

Pick 9.08: Daniel Jones

So here I am again in another draft and struggling at QB, so I’m trying to grab what is left of the starters. At this stage it’s a bit slim pickings, but I like the upside of Jones and the rushing ability that comes with him. I look forward to seeing what he can do this season with a new coaching staff.

Pick 10.05: Miles Sanders

We are now entering the next part of the draft where the picks are not flashy and every pick comes with a risk. However, as someone who still needs RB, my RB26 is just the man. He holds so much upside that he could be just the risk I need at this stage.

Pick 11.08: Rondale Moore

My love for Rondale is now getting worse (yes, I am a homer). He is my most owned player in all my Dynasty leagues. What Moore could be is awesome, if used in the same way as the likes of Deebo in the ‘swiss army knife’ style of play. What the Cardinals could be with him is incredible.

Pick 12.05: Kenneth Gainwell

Love Gainwell in Dynasty, he is somebody who I’m targeting a lot as his value is low and he has a good chance of winning the role as lead back in Philly. I know it’s a bit of a risk having both Gainwell and Sanders, but it’s a risk that could pay off. If Sanders leaves to another team in 2023, I could be holding 2 starting RBs then.

Pick 13.08: Albert Okwuegbunam

Albert O is flying up the ADP ranks and I understand he is a steal in the 13th round, being the 14th TE off the board. I currently have Albert O ranked as my TE 10 and feel this is great value for him. I won’t list all TEs taken before him, but one that stands out is Trey McBride/ The rookie coming into the 2022 draft, who is consensus TE1 amongst the rookies.

Pick 14.05: Laviska Shenault

Shenault is another player who I have way too many shares in. He is a player I have drafted for upside more than talent. That Jags offence is rebuilding and he is somebody that has a role to play in the rebuild – with head coach replacement, maybe we can see Trevor Lawrence be the quarterback we all want him to be.

Pick 15.08: Marquez Valdes-Scantling

MVS has massive upside heading into this year at the Chiefs. He will be the downfield player, as he was at Green Bay and I have always said he is a great best ball pick, but at the Chiefs he could be a great WR2 in the team and be a solid flex play.


QB – Tua Tagovailoa, Daniel Jones
RB – Leonard Fournette, James Conner, Miles Sanders, Kenneth Gainwell
WR – Jefferson, AJ Brown, Samuel, Johnson, E Moore, R Moore, Shenault, MVS
TE – Albert Okwuegbunam


As I said at the start, this strategy is one I’m leaning towards more than any other this offseason. I love it – just look at that WR core, it is filled with insane talent. I am very weak at QB though, especially after not taking a QB3 in the draft and that will come back and haunt me. Having said that, I would look to take this team to a championship game within 2 years – I think this team should be called Show me the Ring…….. 1 more strategy to go – the elite TE!

What did you think of my final team and, the more important question, what do you think of the WR-heavy strategy? You can follow Paul on Twitter @paul_picken to keep up with his work. He will be back soon with another Dynasty Start-up. Keep your eyes peeled for more articles from our great Dynasty team, coming soon. Remember to tune into the 5 Yard Dynasty livestream every Tuesday at 8 pm (GMT).

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