Fantasy Football Challenge Cup Bracket

Soon the regular season and the Fantasy Football Challenge Cup (FFCC) will begin.

Below you will see your path to the championship. This is a 256 team, 8 round competition to be left with just 1 winner. Win, and you advance. Lose, and that’s it, your dream of winning the 5th FFCC title will come to an end.

There are some wonderful analysts in this competition including the members of the 5 Yard Rush team. Did you land a glamour tie and land one of these, or is your road to glory going through one of these analysts? Share it on twitter using the #FFCC.

We look forward to the videos, and the smack messages on twitter. Tag us @5yardrush in them and let’s all keep it clean and have some fun with it.

Fantasy Football Challenge Cup World Championship Bracket


FFCC Intercontinental Plate Bracket