Fantasy Football Challenge Cup

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Welcome to the Fantasy Football Challenge Cup.

The format for the Fantasy Football Challenge Cup (FFCC) is a 256 team, 8 round, knockout style tournament. The idea is that we start with 256 players and whittle it down to the last person standing. This tournament is a best ball tournament with no trades or waivers allowed. After the 22 round draft, your lineup will be the best scoring players for the game week.

Gameweeks are 2 week gameweeks. The highest score over the 2 weeks is the winner and they will advance. The loser is eliminated. 

After week 2- we will break down the 22 divisions into 8 divisions of 8 teams. And from there, we will play on until we determine our Quarter-Finalists.

In Week 11- the Quarter-Finals will begin and we will keep going with the same format until we crown a winner in Week 16.

How the tournament will break down.

There are 22 divisions, which entrants will be randomly drawn into. These 22 divisions will be broken down into teams of 12. 21 of those divisions will be full, with participants of the FFCC drafting against each other. In the last division, it will make up 4 live contestants, and 8 dead teams. These 8 dead teams will be drafted by tournament staff as if they were their own teams, but discarded after the draft.

You will then have the following number of teams in the competition for gameweeks 1 and 2 (that’s weeks 1-4 of the season)

256 participants (21 divisions of 12 and 1 Division of 4) – Gameweek 1

128 participants (21 divisions of 6 and 1 Division of 2) – Gameweek 2

After this, you are left with 64 players (21 divisions of 3 and 1 Division of 1). It is then that the “divisions” will break down into 8 divisions of 8. We will move your teams into the 8 divisions as they are.

You will then have the following format:

64 participants (8 divisions of 8) – Gameweek 3

32 participants (8 divisions of 4) – Gameweek 4

6 participants (8 divisions of 2) – Gameweek 5

Then there will be 8 teams remaining and this will go into the more traditional knockout format. 

8 participants in a playoff – Gameweek 6

4 participants in a playoff – Gameweek 7

2 participants in the final – Gameweek 8

We hope this makes sense and gives you a clearer view of how the tournament will work. 

The Fantasy Football Challenge Cup (FFCC) Drafts will be run on the Sleeper platform. 


This is a 22 person roster in which the following positions will be scored every week.





W/R/T Flex-2


There are no Kickers or DSTs in this format.

Your highest scoring players in the above roster spots will contribute to your score.


Scoring is standard 1pt PPR Scoring. 


There is no fees for this tournament and it is free to play. However, we do ask that people donate to charity. We are asking everyone to donate to Unique Charity this year. They are a charity that help with a rare chromosome disorder. When you have donated, feel free to share your donation on twitter by tagging us @5yardrush and using the #FFCC. Alternatively you can DM us or not share at all. You can donate here.

This year, we are also proud to offer our exclusive FFCC T-Shirt.

Join us in this competition as we look to crown our second ever World Champion!

Donate Here to Unique via our fundraising page.


There will be a prize. It is TBD at this stage.


If you miss your 1st round pick due to clock expiry, you will be removed from the league and replaced. If you timeout twice during the draft, then you are at risk of the same thing. So don’t be that guy.