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Fantasy Football Starts and Sits- NFL Week 17 2020

Well Rush Nation, this is it. This is the last Fantasy Football article of the 2020 season. To those playing in Week Seventeen, good luck! This is a crazy rollercoaster of a week to be playing in. I hope this Starts and Sits column can help you navigate the waters to a title.

I hope you have enjoyed the Starts and Sits column this year. It’s been a long four and a bit months. However, when looking back through it, there were a lot of great calls. And, there were some really bad calls. That’s the game all over. Follow the process and you will win 60/70% of the time. That’s the goal anyways.

Anyways, without further delay, here is the Starts and Sits for Week Seventeen. 


Kirk Cousins- QB Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins has been on fire the last few weeks. In his last six games, he has scored just 5 points less than Patrick Mahomes and has been the QB8 in that span. He is never seen as an elite fantasy option. However, this week he faces a banged up Detriot. Expect Cousins to finish as a QB1 this season with a strong finish here.

Philip Rivers- QB Indianapolis Colts

It’s been a steady, if unremarkable year for Philip Rivers. However, with a playoff spot on the line, and facing a team who have lost fourteen straight games, I expect him to perform. Expect 250 yards plus and a couple of Touchdowns in this one for Rivers.

Jeff Wilson Jr.- RB San Francisco 49ers

He has a steller game in Week Sixteen and you can expect a strong showing from him yet again against the Seahawks, who are trying to get the 1 seed.

D’Andre Swift- RB Detriot Lions

Whilst the Vikings rely on the run, they cannot stop it to save their lives. With Swift not facing a good defense this week, and Stafford hurting, expect Swift to be prominent this week and a potential RB1.

Corey Davis- WR Tennessee Titans

He would have burned anyone who put him in their lineups and hoping for a championship. However, you need to take the emotion out of this one. Against the Texans, with the playoffs and Division on the line, Davis is massively in play and looks like he will cut VHIII to shreds on Sunday.

Antonio Brown- WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Expect the Buccaneers to use Brown a lot in Week Seventeen. They are in the playoffs. He has the freshest legs of any of the Wide Receivers and he’s starting to show some serious separation. Against a deficient Falcons secondary, this could be a big day for Brown.

Rob Gronkowski- TE Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gronk has been very strong down the stretch here and I fully expect him to find the end zone early in Week Seventeen against the Atlanta Falcons, who are still finding new ways to leave Tight Ends open most weeks.


Kyler Murray- QB Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray is playing hurt right now. If the Cardinals go up early in this one, Murray will see the bench. He also won’t rush as much for similar reasons. End of the day, Murray is almost a sitting duck out there right now. A very good one, but still a fraction of his best.

Tua Tagovailoa- QB Miami Dolphins

We have seen how short Tua’s leach is. I imagine this week it will be shorter than ever. Therefore, I don’t want Tua anywhere near my lineups this week.

Mike Davis- RB Carolina Panthers

Another really tough match-up for Davis who looks like he is burned out. That early season burst and flame has pretty much been extinguished.

Mike Williams- WR Los Angeles Chargers

He just isn’t getting it done on big plays, which is his entire game. Can’t put the blame at Justin Herbert’s door when Guyton and Johnson are making the plays. Sit Williams here.

Robert Woods- WR Los Angeles Rams

With John Woolford in, this is not the spot to be playing Woods. I expect the Running Backs to get a lot of the safety touches and screens this week.

Noah Fant- TE Denver Broncos

The Raiders play Tight Ends really well. They can’t defend Wide Receivers at all, but they manage to stop Tight Ends from really making an impact in games. Sit Fant this week.

That will do it for Starts and Sits this season. And it will also be my last column for 2020. Thank you so much for sticking with me. I appreciate everyone who has read any of my columns this year. Please do make sure you have a wonderful, yet safe New Year.

However, until 2021, don’t forget, Keep Rushing!

– Murf (@Murf_NFL)

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