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Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week 11

Under The Radar

This week on under the radar it’s all about Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week 11. Players going under the radar to keep an eye on.  

DeAndre Carter – WR – Washington Football Team

When we talk about fantasy football and teams that you can get players from, Washington doesn’t always hit the mark. 

However over the last few games, Carter has been ticking over nicely which is why he now features as one of the fantasy football stash targets in week 11. 

The first 4 weeks of the season, Carter didn’t really feature. Only averaging 10% of the snaps. Since week 5 that’s risen to between 50% and 70% of the snaps. 

The increase in snaps has also seen an increase in targets. The past two games for Washington has seen Carter get 6 targets in each of the games on either side of the bye week. 

In Both games Carter caught 3 targets, going for 51 and 56 yards and a TD in both games. That’s averaging 17-18 yards per catch. 

With Curtis Samuel still out, Carter is taking advantage of the uptick in workload that is bringing positive gains. 

And whilst Samuel is still out, now would be a great time to make Carter one of your Fantasy Football stash targets.

Kendrick Bourne – WR – New England Patriots

Tom Brady left the Patriots and for one year only, the Patriots were not a team built for winning. Then along came Mac Jones and 10 games in, Jones is making the Patriots relevant again. 

Due to Jones’ rise, Bourne is definitely one of the under the radar Fantasy Football stash targets in week 11

Even though Bourne is the WR 3 in the ranks and he also falls behind TE Hunter Henry, Bourne still manages to get the targets. 

Bourne is averaging around 50% of the snaps, yet still gets a solid 4 targets a game. He rarely drops a pass and in the 3 games that Bourne has scored a TD, he’s picked up just shy of 100 receiving yards to go with it. 

To go along with rarely dropping a catch, Bourne is averaging 19.56 yards per reception for the season too. Just to top it off, last week Bourne had three rushing attempts that went for 42 yards which averages at 14.33 yards per attempt. 

With the Patriots offence only getting up to speed now, Bourne is a great player to be one of your Fantasy Football stash targets.

That’s it Rush Nation, two more Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week 11 for you to keep an eye on. Make sure you look out for my future and previous articles for this series.

Until then, Keep Rushing!

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL


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