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Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week 8

Under The Radar

This week on under the radar it’s all about Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week 8 to keep an eye on for the future.

C.J. Uzomah – TE – Cincinnati Bengals

This Bengals offence is starting to sing from the same hymn sheet and the new conductor behind centre is showing us why he was drafted 1st overall in 2020. 

Uzomah isn’t quite under the radar but making sure he is one of your fantasy football stash targets in week 8 is a must. We have seen how balanced this offence is. Burrow at Quarterback has taken a big step forward. Mixon at Running Back is benefiting from the pass play too. 

Even though this team has some quality at Wide Receiver, it’s very interesting to see Uzomah making a name for himself. 

‘Some quality’ is an understatement when we talk about Ja’Marr Chase. The rookie Wide Receiver has exploded this season. In 7 games his stats read; 51 targets, 35 receptions, 754 yards and 6 TD’s. He is averaging 21.5 yards per reception.

With all that going on out wide, the past 4 games have seen Uzomah step up and be that next read for Burrow. Whilst Burrow got back into the flow in the first 3 games, Uzomah wasn’t really used. Then week 4 happened and the Bengals haven’t looked back. 

Uzomah’s snap share went from around 70% to around 83%. Targeted 14 times in the last 4 weeks and caught 13 of those. Week 4 and week 7 saw Uzomah go over 90 yards and he got 2 TD’s in both those games, with an extra TD in week 6 for good measure. 

With how good Chase has been, the opposition’s defence will obviously be trying to handle him. The fact that the Bengals also have a quality Running Back in Mixon too should keep things open for Uzomah to carry on his upward trend. 

If he hasn’t already been taken, then Uzomah is definitely a player to grab and have as one of your fantasy football stash targets. 

Rashod Bateman – WR – Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens rookie started the season on injured reserve, but now he’s back he’s a great candidate for one of your fantasy football stash targets in week 8. 

Before he was drafted, Bateman was touted as a top 5 Wide Receiver. Now that Bateman is part of the Ravens team, a lot of people moved him down their ranks just because Jackson is a rushing Quarterback.

This season, Jackson has surprised me with how he has been mixing up the run with his passing. So far Jackson has thrown the ball 225 times, averaging 32 attempts a game. 

So far Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews have been the players to prosper from these passes. Now that the rookie is back, Bateman can be a huge help to both Jackson and these two pass catchers. 

In his first two games, Bateman has had 6 passes thrown to him in each game. Catching 7 of those 12 thrown his way. The rust wore off pretty quickly for Bateman. In his second game he went for 80 yards from 3 receptions showing his ability as a pass catcher. 

His lack of start time and now a bye week could be very beneficial for you. Some fantasy players might have already binned Bateman off or might be selling him off cheaper than they should. Before he explodes onto the scene, it’s a great time to have him as one of your Fantasy football stash targets in week 8. 

That’s it Rush Nation, two more Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week 8 for you to keep an eye on. Make sure you look out for my future and previous articles for this series.

Until then, Keep Rushing!

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL


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