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Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week Seven

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This week on under the radar it’s all about Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week seven to keep an eye on for the future.

Christian Kirk and AJ Green – WR – Arizona Cardinals

That’s right, I’ve gone with two Wide Receivers in the same offence. But signs are all in the right place for both of these players and you can choose yourself who might fit in your team. Making both players ideal Fantasy Football stash targets in week seven.

The Cardinals offence is ticking over nicely and one of the best going this season. Quarterback Kyler Murray has stepped up and is playing at a high level. 

There are a few Wide Receivers in this offence, all of which have to share the targets. It’s not a bad looking group as you have the main man in DeAndre Hopkins with veteran receiver A.J Green opposite him, Rookie Rondale Moore is getting his share of the ball too with Kirk mixing in to make it a power 4.

Kirk and Green are finding that there is still enough ball to go around even with the all the Wide Receivers mentioned above. Not only that but the Cardinals have two catching backs in this offence too in Connor and Edmonds. 

In fact Kirk’s production has been solid, even with an average of around 60% of the snaps. In 6 games Kirk has had 31 targets and caught 26 of them. 4 of those 6 games Kirk went 70 yards, 65 yards, 104 yards and 75 yards and scored 3 touchdowns. 

Green has been getting the higher % of snaps between these two players but equally had similar results. Green has had 6 targets in every game bar week 5 against the 49ers. That’s 32 targets catching 21 of those. Just like Kirk, Green has also taken in 3 touchdowns. 

Both Green and Kirk are two great players to stash away and have on your roster. You could have the headache of working out which player to choose every week or pick that one guy you prefer and roll with him.

Either way, both players are steady away right now and look to keep this form and momentum going as long as they have Murray behind centre. 

That’s it Rush Nation, two more Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week Seven for you to keep an eye on.

Make sure you look out for my future and previous articles for this series.

Until then, Keep Rushing!

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL


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