Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week Three

Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week Three

Under The Radar

This week on under the radar it’s all about Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week Three to keep an eye on for the future.

Demetric Felton – RB – Cleveland Browns

The uncertainty of Odell Beckham to start the season hasn’t been great for the Browns but they have managed and have still looked good offensively. Unfortunately Jarvis Landry went down in week two and has now been placed on Injured Reserve for at least three weeks. This makes Felton a perfect Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week Three.

Why am I talking about Running Back Felton when the Browns are having issues with Wide Receivers? Felton spent his time in college as a slot receiver and so stashing a player away that has the tools needed to fill the gaps in the Browns offence could be a useful.

Granted Peoples-Jones, Higgins and Schwartz will also be in line for extra targets now that Landry is out. But Felton has been working with both the Browns Running Backs and Wide Receivers. Meaning he has seen a lot of the playbook to try fit in and help this offence out.

In week one Felton was just used for special teams but with Landry down, week two saw Felton slide into the offence. There were only two targets sent his way but he made the most of them. Catching both passes creating 51 yards and scoring a TD. An impressive way to get the attention of the Browns coaching staff.

It still remains to be seen if the Browns will now push forward with Felton and give him a bigger role but he has the ability to help them and the opportunity now with Landry out.

Maxx Williams – TE – Arizona Cardinals

From out of nowhere came Williams in week 2. Making Williams one of our Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week Three. Now don’t get too excited, a game like last week against the Vikings won’t be happening every week. In week 1 he was targeted just once and it wasn’t completed.

However looking out for the signs could help you, especially if you have Williams stashed away in your team.

Week 2 was impressive. Williams was targeted 7 times and he caught every single one of them, turning those into 94 yards. His offensive snaps have also been high, giving us a positive sign that he has value in this Cardinals offence.

Even with a full offence loaded with great receivers, Kyler Murray still went to Williams to move the ball forward. It’s still to be seen if that was game script or the fact that the game against the Vikings was so close that they had to mix things up a bit.

Either way it was a positive game for Williams. Stashing him away and keeping an eye on how the Cardinals use him could be very beneficial.

Whether that’s because his targets increase game by game or if it is because the game is close. Knowing you have him stashed away before others jump on him might help your team out if you were a late Tight End drafter.

There you have it, two stash options Rush Nation. Make sure you look out for my previous and also future articles for this series.
Until then, Keep Rushing!

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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