Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week Three

Fantasy Football Stash Targets – Week Two

Under The Radar

This week on under the radar it’s all about Fantasy Football Stash Targets In Week Two to keep an eye on for the future.

Hayden Hurst – Tight End – Atlanta Falcons

The forgotten man in this offence makes him a perfect Fantasy Football Stash Target. All off season it’s been about the incredible rookie sensation that is Kyle Pitts. But that’s exactly the way I like it to be. I was big on Hurst last season but it didn’t quite fall the way I wanted it to go with how things fell apart at the Falcons.

This season the focus will most likely stay with how well Pitts does which keeps Hurst under the Radar. The first game this season saw Hurst get 60% of the snaps which was only 8% behind Pitts.

The new Head Coach at Atlanta came from the Titans where he used to run the two tight sets. The Falcons QuarterBack Matt Ryan, has also made good use of his Tight Ends in the past. Austin Hooper had some Solid production from Ryan. Not to mention the legend that is Tony Gonzalez.

With Julio gone and all the focus on Ridley and Pitts, the two Tight End sets could pave a way for Hurst to get more ball than we expected. Whilst Pitts is getting used to the offence, a Tight End like Hurst who knows the system could be very useful for Ryan.

In the first game, Hurst was targeted 4 times whilst Pitts was targeted 8. Pitts only managed to catch half of those, catching 4 for 31 yards. Hurst was lower on yardage at 28 yards but he did that from 4 balls thrown his way and 100% completion rate.

The sneaky value and upside that potentially comes with Hurst is too good for me and too good to miss out on. I know Murf talks a lot about streaming Tight Ends but for now, Hurst is going about his business and stashed away on your bench could be a great opportunity when the right matchups come along week to week.

Jamycal Hasty – Running back – San Francisco 49ers.

Odd choice I hear you say. Well yes but for me anything can happen in this 49ers offence and they proved it this past weekend. Mostert is now out for the season and so the backfield is up for grabs. Any of the 9ers Running Backs stable are perfect Fantasy Football Stash Targets. They are all relevant at some point due to scheme. 

Mitchell made a fantastic case to be the lead man in this offence but They also have Sermon to join in the fun. Again this is another name to compete with but this is the 49ers offensive where anything can happen.

Having a piece of this back field could turn out to be gold dust. You see with Mostert, an injury could happen at any moment and in steps a new Running back to take all the workload in that game.

Hasty didn’t get all that involved in week 1. Just the one rush attempt in the game but it came with a TD to bolster the score. He was also targeted once in the passing game. He caught that for 15 yards showing us that he has the ability but just needs opportunity.

One last thing, Kyle Shananhan is also in charge of this team and he’s proven he can cook up an offensive mix and being able mix up the backfield is the key into this offence for Hasty.

There you have it, two stash options Rush Nation. Make sure you look out for my previous and also future articles for this series.
Until then, Keep Rushing!

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL


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