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Fantasy Rankings – Tower of Power Week 7


Weekly Fantasy Rankings

In this regular article, we give you a lowdown of players whose fantasy performances were worthy of our top 20 this week – based on 0.5PPR format scoring.

For the interest of longevity and variety, we have only included the top 6 Quarterbacks in this list. This is to allow other offensive positions spaces on the board. Otherwise, most of the list would consist of QBs! However, we have included the weekly points rank of the players – so you can see where they lie on the overall points scoring for the week. 

Derrick Henry was our number 1 last week, but did anyone manage to dethrone the King of the Tower?

1. Tyler Lockett, WR – Seattle Seahawks – 53pts (1st)

Top of the list is Tyler Lockett. From that first spectacular one-handed grab, you could tell it was going to be a big game for the Wide Receiver. And the stats reflected as such.  He caught 15 of 19 targets, slashing the Cardinals for 200 yards and three touchdowns. A peak-worthy performance. Could HE be the new Megatron?

2. Devante Adams, WR – Green Bay Packers – 33.6pts (=3rd)

Adams would have been top of this list had it not been for Lockett’s heroics. Aaron Rodgers loved having his go-to guy back, and fed him often during this game. 16 targets led to 13 receptions for 196 yards and two touchdowns. A huge sigh of relief for many Adams fantasy owners to have him back at that form.

3. Justin Herbert, QB – Los Angeles Chargers – 38.5pts (2nd)

And from the old Quarterbacks to the new. Justin Herbert looked like he had been playing as long as Brady in this game. The OROY candidate picked up his first career win with a stupendous performance. 27 completions for 347 yards and 3 touchdowns. And his feet did some talking too, with 66 yards and a touchdown off 9 carries. Fantasy owners were justified in starting him this week. 

4. Kyler Murray, QB – Arizona Cardinals – 38.1pts (=3rd)

Speaking of Offensive Rookies of the Year, last years’ winner decided to make some moves of his own. The QB’s contribution helped Arizona to an overtime win against the undefeated Seahawks. 34 of 48 passes found their mark for 360 yards, 3 touchdowns and just one interception. Murray wasn’t to be beaten on the ground either, with 67 yards and a touchdown from 14 attempts. 

5. Tom Brady, QB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 36.9pts (5th)

Not too shabby! Tompa Brady fired the cannons all day against the Raiders, with 33 of his 45 targets hitting the spot. Four passing touchdowns (including a beauty to Scott Miller) were included in the 369 yards, and he even pilfered a rushing touchdown at the goal line. If Brady is thinking about slowing it down with a new team, he certainly isn’t showing it. 

6. Joe Burrow, QB – Cincinnati Bengals – 34.6pts (6th)

Unfortunately, Baker’s success helped take a second victory away from Joe Burrow and the Bengals. But this wasn’t made easy by Burrow’s considerable passing efforts. Burrow put up his highest passing yards so far – 406. They came from 35 completions, and also got three passing touchdowns for the rookie. Burrow also managed to steal in a rushing touchdown early in the game as well.  

7. Jeffrey Wilson, RB – San Francisco 49ers – 31pts (8th)

By the time the Niners’ Running Back left the game with his injury, the damage was done. Wilson had already carved up the Patriots’ defence for 112 yards and three touchdowns. And all off just 17 carries. He had also managed 8 yards off 2 completed targets. Sadly his injury might mean his omission from the list for a while. But hopefully fantasy owners benefitted big time this week. 

8. Russell Wilson, QB – Seattle Seahawks – 32.9pts (7th)

Our last Quarterback on the list saved his performance for the Sunday Night game. The Seattle man threw 33 completions from 50 targets for three passing touchdowns – all to table-topper Tyler Lockett. But he also threw three interceptions during the game, including one in overtime. Wilson also ended up with 84 yards off just 6 carries as well. Seattle are letting Russ Cook in more ways than one.

9. James Robinson, RB – Jacksonville Jaguars – 29.7pts (10th)

Undrafted rookie Robinson continues to confound and defy fantasy analysts in how they missed him before the season. The Chargers rush defence were more than happy to accommodate Robinson’s 22 carries, giving up 119 yards and a touchdown. He also picked up his second receiving touchdown in as many games, catching 4 receptions for 18 yards (6 targets). Now, that’s versatility! 

10. Baker Mayfield, QB – Cleveland Browns – 30.8pts (9th)

Don’t call it a comeback. Baker was baking towards the end of the game with the Bengals. The Quarterback looked a world apart from last week, and threw 5 touchdowns and 297 yards from just 22 passes. That included a game-ending endzone corner pass to rookie Donovan Peoples-Jones. Fantasy owners may have to take a second look at Mayfield. 

11. Diontae Johnson, WR – Pittsburgh Steelers – 24.5pts (13th)

Johnson was Big Ben’s go to guy on Sunday with 15 receptions. Securing 9 of them for 80 yards and 2 TD’s. His 2 touchdowns were both from the red zone, so could he be big Ben’s red zone target. Johnson did exit the game in the fourth quarter with an ankle injury, so keep an eye for his week 8 status. 

12. A.J.Brown, WR – Tennessee Titans – 24.3pts (14th)

Another Wide Receiver who put up his best numbers this season was AJ Brown. Brown had 153 yards and a score with only 6 catches. Brown looks like his knee injuries are behind him and goes up against the Bengals next. 

13. D.J. Moore, WR – Carolina Panthers – 25.3pts (17th)

Moore was only third in targets on the day for the Panthers, but he made the most of it. Scoring 2 TD’s, 93 receiving yards for 4 receptions. For a third straight week Moore has double digit fantasy points, is he now just starting to repay fantasy managers? 

14. Tyler Boyd, WR – Cincinnati Bengals – 22.2pts (19th)

Boyd has really cemented himself as Cincinnati’s number 1 Wide Receiver. But this performance was his best yet. 11 catches from 13 targets, 101 yards and a touchdown. Boyd has had a pretty consistent season, even with the return of AJ Green.

15. Todd Gurley, RB – Atlanta Falcons – 21.2pts (21st)

Gurley would have been further down this list had he just listened to Matt Ryan. The Falcons didn’t want to score the touchdown! 23 carries got him 63 yards and two touchdowns, as well as 19 yards from 2 completions. Perhaps Gurley had himself on his fantasy teams this week…

16. Scott Miller, WR – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 19.9pts (23rd)

Another Buccaneer makes the list after a dominating display from Brady and co. Racking up 109 yards and a touchdown, Miller had his first ever 100+ yard NFL game. Is Miller worth an add from waivers? 

17. Harrison Bryant, TE – Cleveland Browns – 19.6pts (24th)

The young buck continues to show himself off to fantasy owners everywhere, and is showing why he was such a hot prospect in the draft. The rookie caught four of five targets for 56 yards, and got two touchdowns in the shootout with the Bengals.

18. Jamaal Williams, RB – Green Bay Packers – 19.4pts (25th)

Without Aaron Jones in the side, Williams took full advantage of the shocking Texans rush defence. He got a full share of 19 carries, picking up 77 yards and a touchdown. Williams was also used in the pass-catching game as well. Another 37 yards off 4 completions. With news that Jones may be out for the Vikings game, he could feature again this week. 

19. DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Arizona Cardinals – 23.3pts (26th)

Hopkins seems like he’s played in Arizona his whole career. Three games with double digit receptions and four games with over 100 yards. This was another one of those games. Nuke caught 10 of his 12 targets for 103 yards and a score. The Cardinals have a bye this week, so a well deserved rest for Hopkins.

20. Chris Godwin, WR – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 23.8pts (19th)

Brady and Godwin seem to have great chemistry already, 25 receptions from 29 targets in 4 games. This week Godwin received all 9 of his targets for 88 yards and a touchdown. Godwin did fracture a finger on his touchdown catch and is ruled out for week 8, so let’s hope he’s back for week 9.


Week 7


Rank Name, Position, Team F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank ⇧ / ⇩
1 Kyler Murray, QB, ARI 202.6 1 =
2 Russell Wilson, QB, SEA 183.3 2 ⇧2
3 Patrick Mahomes, QB, KC 171.5 3 ⇩1
4 Josh Allen, QB, BUF 171.1 4 ⇩1
5 Deshaun Watson, QB, HOU 159.5 5 ⇧1

Running Backs

Pos Name, Position, Team F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank ⇧ / ⇩
1 Alvin Kamara, RB, NO 147.4 8 ⇩1
2 Derrick Henry, RB, TEN 121.4 20 ⇩1
3 James Robinson, RB, JAX  120.1 22 ⇧11
4 Ezekiel Elliot, RB, DAL 113.3 27 ⇩10
5 Dalvin Cook, RB, MIN 107.3 31 ⇩13

Wide Receivers

Rank Name, Position, Team F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank ⇧ / ⇩
1 Calvin Ridley, WR, ATL 120.9 21 ⇧1
2 Tyler Lockett, WR, SEA 118.7 23 ⇧39
3 DeAndre Hopkins, WR, ARI 114.9 26 ⇧1
4 Adam Thielen, WR, MIN 103 35 ⇩12
5 Stefon Diggs, WR, BUF 102.3 37 ⇩9

Tight Ends

Rank Name, Position, Team F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank ⇧ / ⇩
1 Travis Kelce, TE, KC 98.1 40 ⇩11
2 George Kittle, TE, SF 74.7 74 ⇧5
3 Darren Waller, TE, LV 70.5 84 ⇧23
4 Jonnu Smith, TE, TEN 64.3 93 ⇩8
5 Mark Andrews, TE, BAL 64.3 94 ⇩10



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