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Fantasy Rankings Week 11 – The Tower of Power


Weekly Fantasy Rankings

In this regular article, we give you a lowdown of players whose fantasy performances were worthy of our top 20 this week – based on 0.5PPR format scoring.

For the interest of longevity and variety, we have only included the top 6 Quarterbacks in this list. This is to allow other offensive positions spaces on the board. Otherwise, most of the list would consist of QBs! However, we have included the weekly points rank of the players – so you can see where they lie on the overall points scoring for the week. 

Alvin Kamara was top of the pops in Week 10, but who stands tall on the Tower this week? 

1. DeShaun Watson, QB, Texans – 31.4pts (1st)

What a relief it must be to be free of Bill O’Brien. Watson has looked like a changed man since the former GM was fired. And he boosted the Texans to a huge lead in the first half against the Patriots – two passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown of his own. And he got another week of over 300 yards passing. Keep on keeping on, DeShaun!

2. Adam Thielen, WR, Vikings – 28.3pts (2nd)

As if watching this man pull off an incredible catch last week wasn’t enough, Thielen showed off those impressive skills once again. One of his two receiving touchdowns was another gem. Catching 8 of his 11 targets, he went for 123 yards and almost got the Vikings over the line. 

3. Justin Herbert, QB, Chargers – 27.7pts (3rd)

With Joe Burrow now injured, there’s really not a whole lot of other choices to pick an Offensive Rookie from. Herbert added more fuel to the fire with another amazing performance. His highest air yards yet, and highest completion number – and another three touchdowns. And, best of all, another win for the Chargers!

4. Keenan Allen, WR, Chargers – 26.5pts (4th)

And the man that Herbert loves to use had another big game as well. The most targets, receptions and yards. And Keenan continued his streak of touchdowns – his fourth in as many games, and fifth in six. He’s a hot fantasy commodity right now. Hold, hold, hold!

5. Robert Woods, WR, Rams – 24.6pts (6th)

Another Wide Receiver who is knee deep in his involvement with his teams’s overall offense is Bobby Trees. And, like Keenan, he had his biggest game yet as well. 12 of 15 targets for 130 yards and a touchdown. The Woods – Goff connection was strong in Week 11.

6. Jared Goff, QB, Rams – 25pts (5th)

And here’s the Rams Quarterback, right on cue! Woods and Kupp were the main beneficiaries in an offense that struggled to get things going on the ground. And Goff also had a day of season highs. His highest completions and yards. The three passing touchdowns will have helped – the two interceptions and a fumble? Not so much.

7. Taysom Hill, QB/TE, Saints – 24.4pts (7th)

The definition of a ‘stand in’ did anything but. Taysom wanted to show why he could be the future of the franchise. Understandably, his stats havent been about throwing this season and, although he completed 18 passes for 233 yards, it was the 10 carries, 51 yards and two touchdowns that made the difference in this game. 

8. Damiere Byrd, WR, Patriots – 23.3pts (8th)

Another Patriots Wide Receiver finding the top 10. After Jacobi Meyers graced the list, it’s Byrd’s turn! A big season game for him as Newton had to turn to passing to keep the team in the game. 6 of 7 targets caught, with 132 yards and a touchdown. His fantasy stock is unlikely to jump though, based on this being an outlier for Newton’s throwing volume. 

9. Travis Kelce, TE, Chiefs – 22.9pts (=10th)

The king of all Tight Ends for this season (and since I can remember) put up another top 10 performance across all positions. The deadly weapon had his fourth game of over 100 yards for the season, catching 8 of 10 targets for 127 yards. And he also pocketed a late game winning touchdown – his seventh of the season.

10. Dalvin Cook, RB, Vikings – 22.5pts (=14th)

A former top spot holder, Dalvin has seen the ball head to the receivers a little more in the last few weeks. But this fantasy ranking shows he’s still getting the work done. Another 115 yards on the ground, as well as a touchdown – plus another 45 air yards from 5 completed passes. The sky’s the limit for Dalvin – and he’s hit the top of the Tower twice already!

11. Kirk Cousins, QB, Vikings – 23pts (9th)

Cousins put up his second highest passing yards this season in the loss to Dallas. He completed 22 of 30 attempts, 314 yards and 3 TD’s. He had 0 INTs. A productive day for Cousins fantasy wise.

12. Ryan Tannehill, QB, Titans – 22.9pts (=10th)

Tannehill and the Titans offence faced a tough Baltimore defence and in the first half it showed having only managed 42 passing yards. He made up for it in the second half though and ended up with 259 passing yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT. Things won’t get any easier for Tannehill as he goes up against another solid defence this week, the Colts. 

13. Tyreek Hill, WR, Chiefs – 21.5pts (17th)

The Cheetah is one of the top performing WR this season. 2nd overall, Hill put up another great performance. He finished the day with 11 catches for 102 yards and a score. He did have 2 rushes for -2 yards. Could he leapfrog D.Adams and claim the number 1 spot by the end of the season?

14. Cleveland Browns, DEF – 20pts (=22nd)

Yes – you read that right! The Cleveland Browns defence made it onto the Tower of Power – the first defence to do so. The team had 5 total sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 2 INTs and a TD. Coming up against a poor Jacksonville, they couldn’t possibly make it on the list again, could they? 

15. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, Chiefs – 20.2pts (19th)

CEH didn’t feature much in the passing game but he did do enough on the ground to make the list this week. The Rookie had 14 carries, 69 yards and 2 TDs. He caught 1 pass for 8 yards. He needs to up the yardage next week or keep those TDs coming to make the Tower of Power next week.

16. Devante Adams, WR, Packers – 20.1pts (20th)

It’s quite extraordinary that Adams is the number 1 WR and has missed 2 games with injury. Adams had 9 targets, 7 catches, 106 yards and a TD. As long as he and A.Rodgers stay healthy, he should continue these brilliant performances.

17. Cooper Kupp, WR, Rams – 20pts (=22nd)

The second Rams receiver on the list is Kupp. Yet to really break out this season. The last few game weeks Goff and Kupp have found their connection, with 40 targets in the past 3 games. Kupp had 145 yards from 11 catches on Sunday. All Kupp is missing is the TDs now. 

18. Derrick Henry, RB, Titans – 19.7pts (25th)

King Henry just keeps on going. 28 carries for 133 yards and a TD. Henry had a fantastic 29 yard winning TD in overtime. Its his 6th game of the season Henry has topped 100 yards rushing. He still sits on top of his rushing throne, just! 

19. Melvin Gordon, RB, Broncos – 18.4pts (=27th)

Gordon hasn’t really looked great since coming to Denver. He did however score 2 TDs against an in form Dolphins team. With 15 carries for 84 yards, Gordon will have to keep relying on TDs to keep himself fantasy relevant.

20. Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Cowboys – 18.4pts (=27th)

Zeke had his best game since Prescott went down injured. 21 carries for 103 yards. He had 2 catches for 2 yards and a trip to the endzone. Zeke has a very bad run in until week 17. Let’s hope this builds his confidence as he’ll need it!



Rank Name, Position, Team F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank ⇧ / ⇩
1 Kyler Murray, QB, ARI 291.6 1
2 Russell Wilson, QB, SEA 268.1 2 ⇧1
3 Patrick Mahomes, QB, KC 262.0 3 ⇧1
4 Josh Allen, QB, BUF 249.5 4 ⇩2
5 Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB 237.2 5


Running Backs

Pos Name, Position, Team F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank ⇧ / ⇩
1 Dalvin Cook, RB, MIN 228.8 7 ⇧1
2 Alvin Kamara, RB, NO 223.4 10 ⇩4
3 Derrick Henry, RB, TEN 176.5 20
4 James Robinson, RB, JAX 158.6 =29
5 Josh Jacobs, RB, LV 155.3 33 ⇩2


Wide Receivers

Rank Name, Position, Team F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank ⇧ / ⇩
1 Davante Adams, WR, GB 176.7 19 ⇧2
2 Tyreek Hill, WR, KC 174.7 23 ⇧1
3 D.K Metcalf, WR, SEA  262.2 28 ⇩1
4 Adam Thielen, WR, MIN 158.6 =29 ⇧9
5 Tyler Lockett, WR, SEA 156.3 31 ⇧3


Tight Ends

Rank Name, Position, Team F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank ⇧ / ⇩
1 Travis Kelce, TE, KC 162.8 27 ⇧6
2 Darren Waller, TE, LV 109.9 72 ⇧24
3 Mark Andrews, TE, BAL 100.4 89 ⇧33
4 Jonnu Smith, TE, TEN 96.9 101 ⇧8
5 TJ Hockenson, TE, DET  96.1 103 ⇧1

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