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Fantasy Waiver Wire Targets- NFL Week 16 2020 – 5 Yard Rush

Well Rush Nation, we have made it. The summit of the tower. The peak of the mountain. It is finally (after tonight) time for the Fantasy Football Playoff Final  Week. This Waiver Wire NFL Week 16 column has hopefully contributed to your success and has helped build the team that has got you this far, along with all the other great 5 Yard Rush content. So now, it’s one final push over the next seven days to end up with a ship or two in the harbour. 

So let’s get straight into the top targets for Waiver Wire NFL Week 16.


Tua Tagovailoa- 25.6% Owned @LV Week 16

Tua is getting it down with his legs. For the second week in a row, his rushing scores save what he wasn’t able to do with his arm.  Whilst he enjoyed eliminating the Patriots yesterday, he will give you a safe floor option in your final if you don’t have a better option.

Baker Mayfield- 27.1% Owned @NYJ Week 16

I’m not the biggest fan of Baker Mayfield from a fantasy perspective. However, his team are trying to clinch a playoff berth, they play a one win team, and he is started to throw the ball in the end zone. He could have a very high floor this week for your final and represents a top Waiver Wire NFL Week 16 pick.

Running Backs

Salvon Ahmed- 23.4% Owned @LV Week 16

Ahmed delivered. When this article went out last week, it looked highly unlikely he would play. It was really only from Thursday he was trending towards having a chance and Saturday did it look more likely than not he could play. He benefited from having little competition for both targets and carries due to the Dolphins injuries.

Tony Pollard- 21.8% Owned vs. PHI Week 16

Pollard broke a big run and scored two Touchdowns. In the process, he looked more explosive than Zeke and better with the ball. Regardless if Zeke is fully fit or not next Sunday, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Pollard get the start. After all, Zeke has never missed a game due to injury, so it must be pretty bad. Pollard offers championship willing characteristics off the Waiver Wire this week.

Wide Receivers

Tyron Johnson- 2.6% Owned vs DEN Week 16

Most of you might go “Who?”. However, for the last two weeks, the Chargers depth Wide Receiver has been relevant. If Keenan Allen, and more importantly, Mike Williams, aren’t fit, it will be Johnson more than Guyton who will benefit.

Russell Gage- 21.3% Owned @KC Week 16

Russell Gage is the stand in for when Julio Jones isn’t fit. If I was Atlanta, I would be sitting Julio for the rest of the season and let Gage play. He got into the end zone on Sunday. If Gage does start, he will be in a high shootout affair with the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday

Tight Ends

Cole Kmet- 13.7% Owned @JAX Week 16

Kmet didn’t have a good outing on Sunday. He saw the seven targets we expected, given he had had those in the previous three games. However, he only hauled in two of them. The encouraging signs for Kmet is that some were end zone shots that just didn’t land. But he’s getting the looks in the right area of the field. Maybe next week is the week it pays off?

Dalton Schultz- 29.4% Owned vs PHI Week 16

I was wrong to sit Schultz this week. I thought the match-up looked bad. However, he was ruled to have found the end zone (although personally I thought he was half a yard short). Fire up Schultz next week as Dallas have a must win game vs bitter rivals the Philadelphia Eagles.


Joey Slye- 27.4% Owned @WAS Week 16

As I said last week, Joey Slye is one of the best in the NFL and he isn’t affected outdoors. Give Slye the nod this week from the Waiver Wire and slot him in your Kicker slot. He will deliver. 


Arizona Cardinals- 29.8% Owned vs. SF Week 16

Arizona have been on a good run with their D as of late. It’s a tough match-up this week vs the 49ers. However, with Nick Mullens under centre, there is always a chance of an interception and multiple sacks. This looks sure fire for a D that should be more than 29% owned.

Don’t forget, all of my picks come from those owned under 30% on ESPN.com Fantasy Football. If you want to hear other suggestions, subscribe to the 5 Yard Rush Podcast and listen to the Waiver Wire Podcast for other suggestions.

Don’t forget to listen to all our podcasts this week as we work with you to deliver a ship. However, until next week Rush Nation, where I will be back for Week Seventeen picks, Keep Rushing!

– Murf (@Murf_NFL)

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