How to Rebuild: Trade Tips

Welcome to the second article in this dynasty rebuild series. In this article we will examine how you should approach trading during a rebuild. This is why the first step is identifying which players you’re looking to trade. It is important to identify trade targets in dynasty, but here the key is getting potential declining assets off your roster. There are a variety of different ways to approach this, but older assets are always going to be harder to move in dynasty leagues. My favorite strategy is to identify a player I’m selling, and send an offer to every competing manager in the league. Usually you can find something on everyone’s roster that intrigues you, whether it be a player or future pick. Sometimes there might be only a couple teams interested in the player you’re offering. So it’s important that you’re not focusing on just a couple of players. Be open and be patient. If the right offer doesn’t come, hold off till the Fall when those veteran players will be much more attractive.

Another important part of trading is obviously finding which assets you’re looking to acquire. This can be difficult, but it’s the same strategy we used to identify the keepers on our own team. We’re looking for younger players, who will be productive and gain value over a three year window. The safest players being Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers (again the Quarterbacks are key only in Superflex). They have the longest production windows, age better than running backs, and also have more stable value than most Tight Ends. Do your research, and pick players you think will succeed. This is like the stock comparison earlier. We want to be buying stock like Apple right now that we know is going to grow in value. Then later is when we get riskier, and start buying our Running Backs that will help us win.

Quarterbacks are a very unique asset in Superflex leagues. Past the top 10 or so players you’re looking at a lot of risk. Very few teams in these leagues can start two elite Quarterbacks, which keeps them in constant demand. This also makes them great assets for a rebuilding team. Investing in elite Quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, or cheaper young options such as Zach Wilson is my favorite strategy. Players like Mahomes are rock solid assets that won’t lose value for a very long time. While Zach Wilson is risky, but has the upside to be a potential superflex starter for you for a long time. It’s not uncommon for me in a Superflex league to acquire 5-7 high level Quarterbacks. Not only did you acquire players that could start for you in the future, but you’re building potential trade value too. This will allow you the flexibility of looking for trades to fill out positional needs when you’re ready to start competing.

Another fantastic avenue to explore is acquiring future rookie draft picks. This is popular as it’s the easiest way for contending and rebuilding teams to make a trade. Rookie picks are fantastic for rebuilding teams because they are absolutely the safest assets to own. Similar to the example about buying stock in Apple, rookie draft picks are an asset that you know will increase in value over time. 2023 picks are already a hot commodity, but just wait till next season. Rookie draft fever is a phenomenon that occurs every year as we get to the off-season. From January, to April, to August you will see rookies increase in ADP. The value of 2023 picks will increase in value exponentially between now and next year. Buying them now is an easy way to increase Dynasty capital. Generally speaking, picks two years out have value, but considerably less than rookie picks for the following year. Avoid putting too much stock into further out picks, as this will increase the length of your rebuild.

Rookie drafts are also a cheap time to acquire potentially difference-making Quarterbacks. Due to the added value of signal callers, early picks are much more valuable to me in Superflex leagues. This wasn’t the case this year, but anywhere from 3-4 Quarterbacks can usually be selected in the first round of rookie drafts. This dramatically raises the value of rookie picks compared to 1QB leagues, where they aren’t usually selected till the late second or third round. Put an extra emphasis on acquiring first and second roun picks during a rebuild in superflex leagues.

That’s it for the second article of this four part series. If you enjoyed this content follow me on Twitter @dynasty_analyst. Look for the third piece of this series on the 5 Yard Rush website shortly. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time.

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