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I Streamed a Stream- Fantasy Stream NFL Week 10 2020

Well Rush Nation, this weekend with the streaming model was far more successful than my Week Nine in total. I made good stream choices that saw significant improvement on my totals. This is the key part of the stream season, with so many teams on bye last week and so many more on bye this week and next. Therefore, your place in the playoffs could be on the line if someone streams better than you, or you stream better than them.


I jumped several spots this week despite not having a great week at Wide Receiver. I finally pulled clear of a few injured players which helped and I am fully cemented in WR3 territory no thanks to Hardman and his 6.3 points this week.

Quarterback was a risk but both my Waiver Wire picks did rather well. Tua was my choice and he rewarded me with a top 15 finish this week at QB, and a slight gain as I tucked in just a fraction of a point behind Lamar Jackson as QB14. 

Damien Harris was looking good in the game, averaging 5.1 YPC however he ended up getting injured again and thus only scoring 7.1 fantasy points. It’s a shame as he made it until the end of the game, I would have a top 12 RB for the season going into Week Ten.

I gained significantly from the boot of Tyler Bass for the second week in a row. And D/ST was a top 12 this week despite only a 4 point return from the Texans.

Overall, a really good week with 4 ups, 1 no change and down slightly at D/ST.


  • Quarterback: Tua Tagovailoa-Miami – 21.42 Pts
  • Running Back: Damien Harris- Patriots- Pts
  • Wide Receiver: Mecole Hardman- Chiefs – 5.9 Pts
  • Tight End: Logan Thomas- Redskins – 4.3 Pts
  • Kicker: Tyler Bass- Bills – 15 Pts
  • D/ST: Houston Texans – 4 Pts


  • Quarterback- 161.2pts 14th overall (Up 3)
  • Running Back- 101.6pts 13th overall (Up 10)
  • Wide Receiver- 85.2pts 31st overall (Up 10)
  • Tight End- 82.4pts 4th overall (No Change)
  • Kicker- 73pts 15th overall (Up 5)
  • D/ST- 58pts 8th overall (Down 3)


It’s a slightly better wire this week due to injuries, so I am hoping to make significant gains.

Remember, I use all the Waiver Wire picks from the column on Monday. These are picks who are 30% owned or under according to

At this point in the season, I am here to make even more ground and take over in the positions I need to cement, as the Waiver Wire will get tough in the final few weeks and positions will fall away (if it is anything like last year).

And so, having said that, here are my picks for Week Ten:

  • Quarterback: Tua Tagovailoa- Dolphins
  • Running Back: J.D. McKissic- Redskins
  • Wide Receiver: Tim Patrick- Broncos
  • Tight End: Jordan Reed- 49ers
  • Kicker: Michael Badgley- Chargers
  • D/ST: Detroit Lions

I have gone Tua for the second straight week after a solid week. He carries the most upside of the QBs on the Waiver Wire right now.

Running Back will be Mr. Checkdown J.D McKissic who will gobble up the targets, even in half point PPR and return me double digit points I hope.

The other picks were autopicks due to ownership numbers and match-ups, not to mention injuries. The Waiver Wire is very thin for D/STs. But I am going with the Lions to capitalise on turnovers from Washington and Alex Smith on Sunday.

Don’t forget Rush Nation, if you wish to get involved, drop us an email at [email protected] or drop us a DM on Twitter @5YardRush.

However, until next week, Keep Rushing!

– Murf (@Murf_NFL)

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