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I Streamed a Stream- NFL 2020 Results

Well Rush Nation, that’s it for the season. As you are aware, this stream model is what is used to power the PAS metric. You will find all the insight and intelligence needed in the 2021 version of the Fantasy Football Playbook when we release it.


It wasn’t a great week to finish. I pivoted late to Rodney Smith for volume and he didn’t kill me. I also looked at the Browns matchup and pivoted to Coutee. 

Rivers was a killer at QB. They just let Jonathan Taylor run. Also the Panthers were so bad, Slye couldn’t even attempt any Field Goals. I would expect that is the last we will see of Teddy Bridgewater in Carolina.

All in all, it wasn’t a strong finish. But overall, I am fairly pleased with the overall outcomes.


  • Quarterback: Philip Rivers- Colts- 10.36 pts
  • Running Back: Rodney Smith- Carolina- 10.9pts
  • Wide Receiver: Keke Coutee- 12 pts
  • Tight End: Irv. Smith Jr.- Vikings- 4 pts
  • Kicker: Joey Slye- Panthers 2 pt
  • D/ST: Las Vegas Raiders- 1 pt


  • Quarterback- 302.34pts 12th overall (Down 1)
  • Running Back- 205.0pts 9th overall (No Change)
  • Wide Receiver- 159.8pts 31st overall (Up 3)
  • Tight End- 154.0pts 3rd overall (No change)
  • Kicker- 126pts 13th overall (Down 4)
  • D/ST- 123pts 7th overall (Down 1)

Deeper Analysis

As mentioned, to get the true reflection of what the stream model is telling us, look out for the 2021 Fantasy Football Playbook. That will have the PAS and all the breakdown in trends from 2020 that we can use in 2021.

Don’t forget to look out for pre-release information on the 2021 Fantasy Football Playbook. We expect it to be out before the summer.

However, until next season, Keep Rushing.

– Murf (@Murf_NFL)

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