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I Streamed a Stream- NFL Fantasy Picks Week 13 2020

Well Rush Nation, the fantasy playoffs start a week today. It’s an exciting time to be alive. The streaming options for most teams will die down and the Waiver Wire will be less competitive. However, there is still great value streaming QBs. K’s D/STs and TEs.The stream model is having an excellent year. I would like to improve my QB ranking, WR ranking and Kicker rankings a bit. However, I have far outperformed expectation according to Tight Ends, and especially Running Backs. To be streaming a top 12 Running Back with just 25% of the season to go is crazy. The model is really coming through in solid form. Stick with me and the stream model.


Injury to Daniel Jones has meant I only gained the 1 place this week. Had he played the full game, I am sure there were a few extra spots I would have made up.

Gore returned a low end RB2 performance which was as expected. Pittman got targeted heavily. However, he just failed to haul in enough to help me break the top 24.

Tonyan returned the TE2 week that I was hoping for, whilst the Giants and Tyler Bass didn’t reach the dizzy heights I had hoped. However, they allowed for solid gains and brought me back into the top 12 for Kickers.


  • Quarterback: Daniel Jones- Giants- 10.4 Pts
  • Running Back: Frank Gore-Jets- 10.1pts
  • Wide Receiver: Michael Pittman Jr.- Colts- 3.8 pts
  • Tight End: Robert Tonyan- Packers- 15.2 pts
  • Kicker: Tyler Bass- Bills- 9 Pts
  • D/ST: New York Giants- 9 Pts


  • Quarterback- 210.48 10th overall (Up 1)
  • Running Back- 143.1 11th overall (Down 1)
  • Wide Receiver- 111.5pts 30th overall (Down 3)
  • Tight End- 108.1pts 3rd overall (Up 3)
  • Kicker- 94pts 11th overall (Up 3)
  • D/ST- 91pts 5th overall (Up 1)


This has been a difficult week due to uncertainty with games going ahead and also injuries galore. With everything going on with the Steelers and Baltimore, I’ve gone for the least disrupted picks I could.

Remember, I use most of the Waiver Wire picks from the column on Monday. These are picks who are 30% owned or under according to

I am so close to achieving my goals. I am just a few weeks away from having an extremely successful season with the stream model. 


  • Quarterback: Kirk Cousins- Vikings
  • Running Back: Cam Akers-Rams
  • Wide Receiver: Breshad Perriman
  • Tight End: Logan Thomas- Washington
  • Kicker: Tyler Bass- Bills
  • D/ST: Las Vegas Raiders

Cousins has been the QB11, QB5 and QB4 over the past 3 weeks. He is looking good and rolling with confidence. It is tempting to switch to Fitz if he plays, given the matchup.

Frank Gore didn’t deliver huge numbers, so I have gone with cam Akers as I believe he will start to own the backfield more and more in L.A.

The other picks were autopicks due to ownership numbers and match-ups, not to mention injuries. The Waiver Wire is very thin for D/STs. But I am going with the Raiders as I am not allowed to pick the Dolphins. Raiders could keep the Jets at bay and make some explosive plays and get to Darnold.

Don’t forget Rush Nation, if you wish to get involved, drop us an email at [email protected] or drop us a DM on Twitter @5YardRush.Send us your stream picks.

However, until next week, Keep Rushing!

– Murf (@Murf_NFL)

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