I Streamed a Stream – The Final Push

Rush Nation, this is it! We have managed to make it through to championship week. This stream article has given me a ton of insight and this will not be the last column. I will make this week the last I make picks, before using the data to follow-up and make palatable learning for both myself and also you as readers. 

Last week we excellent. I took a slight hit at Running Back, but it wasn’t too bad at all. But I have cemented places at Quarterback and Tight End. I have even managed to jump up into a WR2 spot, which didn’t seem possible a few weeks ago.

With a lot of teams going with Running Back by Committee or a lot of backs getting owned, the Waiver Wire is very thin with options. However there are more and more injuries this week, meaning I need to find the opportunity for upside and hammer home some points at this late stage.

However, I still have a QB1, a TE1, a K1, and a D/ST1. For those of you who aren’t familiar, I am comparing this to the standard 12 team league and I am looking to achieve a top 12 ranked player in each position. At this point I am only 24 points off the best Kicker overall in Fantasy Football. I also am in decent position for QB, TE and D/ST finishes.


As it currently stands, I currently rank:

QB:  4th Overall- No Gain
RB:  31st Overall- Down 6
WR:  24th Overall- Up 6
TE:  9th Overall- Up 2
K:  5th Overall- No Gain
D/ST:  5th Overall- Up 2

Remember, I am only using using players who are under 30% owned from when I look at the players for our Waiver Wire article on Monday.

I will not end up with a RB1, nor will I end up with a WR1. I had written off the RB2 spot last week but after a good couple of weeks from Mostert, I am only 4.8 points behind Tarik Cohen in 24th, but I can make gains if I have one great last week.

As for Wide Receiver, I am now in a WR2 spot (24th overall). I need to have a big final week to stay here. It will be extremely difficult, but quite an achievement.

Miller was my best performance, finishing as the WR4 on the week. Fitzpatrick was the QB6 this week and Sanders was K8. Also, Ricky Seals-Jones is in the top 12 Tight Ends this week. And the Buccaneers D came in as the number 4 D/ST this week, which was a nice site for me.

This needs to be a big final week.


This week, I am looking to finish strong. Quarterback seems to be the biggest challenge this week, as is Running Back. If you want to play along with me, go back to the Waiver Wire article we published on Monday.

I am also challenging any of you to a duel. Have a look at the ownership numbers on ESPN.co.uk and if you find better selections that are under 30% owned, then submit your picks and we will create a tab on the website. Trust me, it is not as easy as it looks. Not that I am making this look easy.

My stream selections for this week are as follows:

QB:    Ryan Fitzpatrick- MIA

RB:    Mike Boone-MIN

WR:   Anthony Miller- CHI

TE:    Jonnu Smith- TEN

K:     Jason Sanders- MIA

D/ST: Denver Broncos

Once again, there isn’t a great deal on the Waiver Wire. I have gone for Anthony Miller again after three great performances in a row. Fitz has been viable as a QB in what is a tough week for Quarterback streaming. And I am hoping Smith will take advantage of a great match-up this week.

As per yesterday’s Waiver Wire column, I am banking on Miller to get a few more catches and yards. I also believe he gets into the end zone again this week.

Please go back and read the previous stream columns, and track the progress with me. It’s been fun so far. However, I know that it will get harder week to week, until we get to the last couple of weeks of the season. Please do also interact with us via the site or via twitter.

Please reach out to me on twitter @5yardrush. But until another look at the stream Rush Nation, Keep Rushing.

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