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I Streamed a Stream- Week 1 2020

Here it is Rush Nation, I Streamed a Stream is back for another season. For those of you who bought the Fantasy Football Playbook, this is where the data comes from. I pick a position to stream every week, based on what I believe is the best streamable option out on Waiver Wires and then track them to see how I would have finished in the season.

I want to work out what positions do you need to have lots of cover for due to Waiver Wire scarcity and which positions you can live on a stream.

Last season’s results and statistics are in the Playbook all to view. This season I am going to mix it up ever so slightly.

I am still going to be using the 30% threshold set at the time I write the Waiver Wire article on Monday’s. The ownership will come from ESPN rostered stats. However, this time I will be comparing myself on a 0.5PPR scale. 

Last year, I did a full point PPR. However, seeing the amount of people playing in standard and 0.5 PPR leagues, I decided to go with 0.5PPR and track from there. 

Goals for the Season

Last season the goals were to stream the following:

  • Top 12 Quarterback
  • Top 24 Running Back
  • Top 24 Wide Receiver
  • Top 12 Tight End
  • Top 12 Kicker
  • Top 12 Defense/Special Teams

I will be aiming for the same goals again. Some of these don’t sound too ambitious. However, in a 12 team, 17 round draft, the average number of players taken at each position, according to ADP, are:

  • 24 Quarterbacks
  • 65 Running Backs
  • 65 Wide Receivers
  • 18 Tight Ends
  • 16 D/STs
  • 16 Kickers

The challenge, as it was last year, will be at the Running Back and Wide Receiver positions. However, let’s smash those goals this year.

Week 1 Selections

So without further ado, we move onto the selections for Week One. These selections all come from the Waiver Wire article I post every week, which will give you more context of the pick. Their ownership numbers also come from when I publish the article.

Here are my Week One I Streamed a Stream Picks:

  • Quarterback- Phillip Rivers- Colts
  • Running Back- Nyheim Hines- Colts
  • Wide Receiver- Anthony Miller- Bears
  • Tight End- Dallas Goedert- Eagles
  • Kicker- Younghoe Koo- Falcons
  • D/ST- Cincinatti Bengals

Do play along with me every week. Share your picks with me @Murf_NFL on twitter. Also, if you have any interest in going against me for the column one week, DM me on twitter and we can do a head to head, Mark Lawrenson style. Nothing would please me more then going against one of you for a streaming head to head.

It’s amazing to have the new season upon us. This has been the longest offseason of all time. I truly hope that everyone is safe and ready for seventeen weeks of gruelling as we all work together to reach the summit. And with that, fantasy titles galore.

So until next time Rush Nation, Keep Rushing!

– Murf (@Murf_NFL)

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