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I Streamed a Stream Week 2 2020

Well Rush Nation, that’s Week One in the books. It was an exciting Week One with lots of action and drama. And, for the most part, my stream picks from Week One went as well as they could have gone.

Week One Review

The hardest positions to stream, for those of you new to the column, is the Running Back and Wide Receiver Positions. As a result, you really need to get off to a good start early. Otherwise, you fall massively behind the curve and are left chasing points on a very thin Waiver Wire.

Therefore, to jump out to a good start in 0.5 PPR with Hines and Miller is really pleasing. Rivers didn’t kill my week, despite being the QB22. He finished 5 points behind DeShawn Watson, who was the QB12 overall. So to be trailing by a touchdown is not the end of the world.

Tight End worked out really well for me this week. Goedert benefited by being targeted heavily and returned a TE2 finish behind Mark Andrews. 

Anthony Miller also started well, netting 15.6 points and coming back with a WR16 finish. Therefore, all in all, it was a week with many positives and few lows.

Here is how I finished up (0.5PPR Scoring):

  • Quarterback: Philip Rivers- Colts- 16.82 Pts. 22nd Overall QB
  • Running Back: Nyheim Hines- Colts- 23.3 Pts. 5th Overall RB
  • Wide Receiver: Anthony Miller- Bears- 15.6 Pts. 16th Overall WR
  • Tight End: Dallas Goedert- Eagles- 20.1 Pts. 2nd Overall TE
  • Kicker: Younghoe Koo- Falcons- 8 Pts. 16th Overall K
  • D/ST: Cincinatti Bengals- 3 Pts. 19th Overall D/ST

Week 2 Stream Picks

Now that Week One is firmly in the books, it’s time to look ahead to Week Two. This week sees some intriguing match-ups.

Remember, I use all the Waiver Wire picks from the column on Monday. These are picks who are 30% owned or under according to 

At this point in the season, we still don’t know who the truly great teams are. However, there are some signs of some weaker teams and match-ups to exploit. 

And so, having said that, here are my picks for Week Two:

  • Quarterback: Gardner Minshew II- Jaguars
  • Running Back: Nyheim Hines- Colts
  • Wide Receiver: Parris Campbell- Colts
  • Tight End: Dallas Goedert- Eagles
  • Kicker: Ryan Succup- Buccaneers
  • D/ST: Washington Football Team

As you can see, I am banking on Minshew to be as accurate as he was last week, and not make too many mistakes. I expect Hines is going to have a good amount of work now that Marlon Mack is out for the season. 

This will be the last time this season I will be able to play Hines, Campbell and Goedert, as I expect all three of these players to go over 30% Ownership by next week. So I’m going to bank these points whilst I can.

Don’t forget Rush Nation, if you wish to get involved, drop us an email at [email protected] or drop us a DM on Twitter @5YardRush.

However, until next week, Keep Rushing!

– Murf (@Murf_NFL)

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